Monday, January 26, 2015

life lately [January 2015]

So, this whole blogging thing has been pretty non-existent since the beginning of December. I guess that's what life with a newborn and getting back into a regular routine does to ya! (BTW... is he still considered a newborn? When do they *officially* graduate from newborn to just a regular baby?!)

1 month vs. 2 months

We kept the first week of January pretty low key... I was completely ZONKED after the holiday season so it was really nice to take a break. (I think I went a total of 8 days without baking a single cupcake. Might be a record!) I started the business back up January 10 with full-time hours and availability, and man it has been busy! Definitely a good thing.

We've got a pretty good routine going with James and the cupcakes. Mondays are usually my errand days... so he gets to tag along. Meijer, bank, GFS, Hobby Lobby. I haven't quite mastered the art of doing a Sam's Club run with James in tow, so usually I do that on Sundays or when my Business Man gets home from work.

Somebody's sleeping on the job!

On Tuesdays, my neighbor across the street comes over to help me with James while I bake. She has also become the master cupcake box-folder and cupcake garnisher. She rocks!

On Wednesdays, James goes to my friend Lindsey's house while I work the cupcake counter from 3-6pm... Daddy usually picks him up on his way home a little after 5pm. I'd like to say they have a gourmet dinner waiting for me when I get home at 6:15pm, but that might be stretching it a bit. ;)

James with his girlfriend... he's not quite sure what to think.
Thursdays are prep days for the weekend... so James & I hang out all day, and I get as much stuff done as I can while he naps. (Box folding, buckeye rolling, filling making, cookie dough prep, etc...) Though sometimes he only wants to nap in my arms, so I don't get a whole lot done til my Business Man gets home.

How can you be upset with this?!?
Fridays have been insane lately. They are usually my big baking day, and I've been working for 12-14 hours depending on the orders for the weekend. I'm usually up working by 6am, and my Business Man takes James to Lindsey's, and then I usually go get him around 4pm and then finish up the baking at home. 

What are you trying to feed me, Mom? I don't think that's milk!
He doesn't quite know what to think about the cupcakes yet. I tried giving him a mini cupcake for his 2-month birthday, but he was a little hesitant. (Totally KIDDING! I ate that cupcake instead. Yes, I still eat the cupcakes... sometimes they're just irresistible!)

James had his 2-month well visit at the doctor last week. He is now 12 lbs 10 oz, and 23 inches long! He's my little chunk. He did well for the most part, though he didn't love the shots. (But who does?!) Funny story... the nurse came into the room to tell us about the shots, and James was happily bouncing on my shoulder. She said, "Let me tell you about his immunizations...." and as soon as she said that word, he erupted into a screaming fit! It was so funny. Of course, it wasn't as funny when he actually got the shots and was screaming, but we handled it just fine. Only a few tears.

Getting weighed!

All smiles before the S-word!!

And I'll leave you with a sweet pic of my two favorite guys... because polar bear butts are the cutest. :)

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