Thursday, February 5, 2015

Return to Running

Well, here I am over 11 weeks postpartum. How have 11 weeks gone by already!? But yet, it feels like we've had James forever, like I can't even remember life without him.

But I'm RUNNING AGAIN!!! If you read any of my blog posts from the last few months of pregnancy, you might remember that I had back pain. A LOT of back pain. SI joint pain, to be exact. (God bless you for listening to me complain about that stupid back pain over and over again each week.) One of my big fears was that the pain wouldn't go away after delivery... I had read online where it took some women up to 4 months to get rid of that particular type of pain! So I assumed it would be like that.

But, less than 12 hours after giving birth, I can say the back pain was GONE! Amazing. It was the best day of my life... not only did I get to meet my sweet boy, but my back pain went away! Haha. (It was really that bad.)

I was a little nervous to start running again, because it had been a good solid 4 months of no running. I hadn't had that much time off since the beginning of high school, 10+ years ago. Ugh, how was high school that long ago? I fully planned on needing to do some sort of Couch to 5km program since it had been so long.

My happy boy with the cutest belly.

I attempted my first 'run' about 4 weeks after James was born... a mix of running & jogging on my treadmill in the basement. It hurt but felt so good at the same time! I could definitely tell things were different. However, I had no back pain so that was a good sign! After about a week, I was pretty easily running 3 miles at a time, at a very slow pace. I had my follow-up appointment the next week at my doctor, and she gave me the green light to continue to run as long as I felt comfortable.

Throughout the last two weeks of December, I pretty much ran when I could, usually 3 or 4 miles at a time. It was crazy busy with cupcakes, too, so I was grateful for whatever chance I got to hit the roads! (Or the treadmill.)

At the beginning of January, I began to have more free time to run. Plus, I had finally gotten into more of a routine/rhythm with James, so runs became easier. However, I will say that getting back into shape is difficult! My whole core felt like a big blob of jelly, and I could definitely feel it when running. You don't realize how much those muscles help support you to keep you upright!

I've slowly worked my way up to about 30-35 miles a week right now, and I've even been able to get out a few mornings a week with my running buds! Starting to feel like myself again, and it feels SO SO good. We even ran 10 miles last Thursday! Double digits, woah.

I will have to admit though, running is a complete and total PROCESS now. Where I used to just lace up my shoes and frolic out the door, it takes planning now. 

For example, if I want to go early in the morning... I have to hope that James wakes up for his night feeding at the right time. (If he's too early, it puts me in an awkward situation of 'do I have time to go back to sleep or not?' A couple of days, this has meant I'm pretty much up for the day at 4am.) I have to make sure he's fed and back to sleep, and then pump before I can head out. (It's pretty insane to even think about running without pumping first.) I guess it's not that much, but when you're trying to meet people at a certain time, it seems like a ton of work!

If I wait and run once we're both up, I have to time it so I feed him, pump, and then get him down for a nap. RUSH down to the treadmill and start ASAP because who knows how long his nap will be. If he sleeps the whole time, then run up to the shower to rinse off before he wakes up. It's just not as easy as it used to be! Lol. Nothing is with a baby. ;)

So, what are my running plans this spring? I want to run a marathon... but I realize that might be a little out there, so I'm keeping my options open. I have my eyes on the Kalamazoo Marathon up in our favorite area of Michigan on May 3. Ideally, I hope that I can run a BQ so I can sign up for Boston in the fall. However, I am taking it one week at a time. They don't charge any extra money to drop down to the half, so that is my back-up plan. :)

And another random tidbit. Breastfeeding + running = INSANE HUNGER. All the time. I feel like I'm in a constant state of of hunger... there are two levels, 'ravenously hungry' or just 'a little bit hungry'. I guess I'll take it. Nothing quite like having the metabolism of a teenage boy?!


Monday, January 26, 2015

life lately [January 2015]

So, this whole blogging thing has been pretty non-existent since the beginning of December. I guess that's what life with a newborn and getting back into a regular routine does to ya! (BTW... is he still considered a newborn? When do they *officially* graduate from newborn to just a regular baby?!)

1 month vs. 2 months

We kept the first week of January pretty low key... I was completely ZONKED after the holiday season so it was really nice to take a break. (I think I went a total of 8 days without baking a single cupcake. Might be a record!) I started the business back up January 10 with full-time hours and availability, and man it has been busy! Definitely a good thing.

We've got a pretty good routine going with James and the cupcakes. Mondays are usually my errand days... so he gets to tag along. Meijer, bank, GFS, Hobby Lobby. I haven't quite mastered the art of doing a Sam's Club run with James in tow, so usually I do that on Sundays or when my Business Man gets home from work.

Somebody's sleeping on the job!

On Tuesdays, my neighbor across the street comes over to help me with James while I bake. She has also become the master cupcake box-folder and cupcake garnisher. She rocks!

On Wednesdays, James goes to my friend Lindsey's house while I work the cupcake counter from 3-6pm... Daddy usually picks him up on his way home a little after 5pm. I'd like to say they have a gourmet dinner waiting for me when I get home at 6:15pm, but that might be stretching it a bit. ;)

James with his girlfriend... he's not quite sure what to think.
Thursdays are prep days for the weekend... so James & I hang out all day, and I get as much stuff done as I can while he naps. (Box folding, buckeye rolling, filling making, cookie dough prep, etc...) Though sometimes he only wants to nap in my arms, so I don't get a whole lot done til my Business Man gets home.

How can you be upset with this?!?
Fridays have been insane lately. They are usually my big baking day, and I've been working for 12-14 hours depending on the orders for the weekend. I'm usually up working by 6am, and my Business Man takes James to Lindsey's, and then I usually go get him around 4pm and then finish up the baking at home. 

What are you trying to feed me, Mom? I don't think that's milk!
He doesn't quite know what to think about the cupcakes yet. I tried giving him a mini cupcake for his 2-month birthday, but he was a little hesitant. (Totally KIDDING! I ate that cupcake instead. Yes, I still eat the cupcakes... sometimes they're just irresistible!)

James had his 2-month well visit at the doctor last week. He is now 12 lbs 10 oz, and 23 inches long! He's my little chunk. He did well for the most part, though he didn't love the shots. (But who does?!) Funny story... the nurse came into the room to tell us about the shots, and James was happily bouncing on my shoulder. She said, "Let me tell you about his immunizations...." and as soon as she said that word, he erupted into a screaming fit! It was so funny. Of course, it wasn't as funny when he actually got the shots and was screaming, but we handled it just fine. Only a few tears.

Getting weighed!

All smiles before the S-word!!

And I'll leave you with a sweet pic of my two favorite guys... because polar bear butts are the cutest. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

a day in the life

1:50am - James wakes up, time to eat. We are both back to bed in less than 30 minutes. Yesssss.

5:10am - James wakes up, again. Woo hoo! We made it over 3 hours. While nursing, I finish the last of my box of Scooby Snack graham cracker sticks. My Business Man makes fun of me for keeping a snack stash in the nursery, but that hunger in the middle of the night is intense!

6:30am - James starts to stir... how can he be up again already? I'm hoping he'll go back to sleep. And he does. Unfortunately I don't... so I get up and get a shower while I can.

7:15am - James is still sleeping so I start on my cupcake list for the day. This week is a little out of control with cupcake orders... (aka I just need to learn to say 'no'. Ha.) I'm a little nervous today, because one of my big orders is picking up at 1pm, and I'm nervous I won't be able to meet the deadline! My Business Man makes me a cup of coffee while I get to work. Love my coffee. And love my Business Man.

8:10am - My Business Man goes to wake James up before he leaves for work. They play a little, then he passes him off to me for a feeding.

8:30am - I change his diaper and get him dressed for the day. How cute are baby hoodies??! At some point in here, I manage to scarf down a Clif bar for breakfast. It's true, what they say - you do forget to eat sometimes.

9am - James chills in the bouncy seat in the kitchen while I get back to work. I manage to finish baking all the cupcakes for the first order. He falls asleep pretty quickly, so I swaddle him and set him in his crib for a nap.

9:45am - He's sound asleep, so it's time to enter FROSTING MODE!

10:45am - I finish up the first order of cupcakes (whew! and in plenty of time), and James is still asleep, so I move onto round #2.

11:30am - He's still sleeping (!) but I wake him up to eat. It's been almost 3.5 hours and I'm afraid if he goes too long between feedings during the day, he will be waking up at shorter intervals during the night.

12pm - I set him back in the bouncy seat so I can hopefully finish frosting round #2 of cupcakes. He's not having it and gets really fussy, so I pick him up, and we play a little. Eventually I rock him back to sleep and he goes back into his crib for another nap. (Gosh, I wish I could nap as much as a baby.)

12:30pm - I finish all the cupcakes. In total, I think it was 319 for the day? 

12:45pm - I take a few minutes to make myself lunch. My goal for this week is to eat a salad a day - either as a main entree for lunch, or as a side with dinner. (My veggies have definitely been lacking over the last few weeks, and I feel so much better when I eat lots of fruits & veggies!) During lunch, I respond to a few cupcake-related emails and also read BuzzFeed articles. Gotta have some mindless entertainment.

1pm - My cupcake pick-up arrives; we exchange the goods. Ha. 

1:15pm - I need to go to Sam's Club this afternoon, so I'll be taking James to my friend Lindsey's for awhile. I would rather leave now than wait til after his next feeding, so I pump a bottle so he'll have something to eat while he's there. Of course, right as I finish pumping, he wakes up in hungry mode. Sorry, babe, you'll just have to wait til you get to Lindsey's for your bottle. Nothing left in the tank. (Quite literally, haha.)

1:30pm - We head to Lindsey's, and then I head to Sam's. It is so much easier to do the Sam's run now that I'm not obnoxiously pregnant. Might I say, I almost enjoy lifting the heavy boxes?! I also stop downtown at the cupcake counter to pick up some cupcake boxes, because I am all out at home.

3pm - I make it back to Lindsey's and we hang out for a bit. James takes a nap in my arms. Awww. He & Lucie 'play' a little. Aka, Lucie showers him with sweet kisses.

4pm - James wakes up and is quite fussy, so we head home. He seems to have fallen asleep in his carseat, so I bring him in the house and start hauling in the Sam's load. Of course, he wakes up right as I bring in the last box.

4:15pm - He's hungry again! Babies sure do eat a lot. ;)

4:45pm - We need to fold a bajillion cupcake boxes, so I enlist James' help. We get about 5 done before he's had enough, so we play instead. Aka I hold him, we look at the Christmas tree lights, and I tell him how cute he is. 

5:30pm - He is down for another nappy, so I take advantage and head down to the treadmill in the basement for a little sweat session. I had my first run last Saturday (outside!) and manage to jog a slow 5km while watching Gilmore Girls while keeping my eye on James with the video monitor. Gosh, it feels so good to run again! And there is no back pain or SI joint pain to be seen. Just general muscle soreness from being out of shape.

6:15pm - Daddy's home! Since James is still out, he and I quickly knock out the rest of the box folding. 

7pm - Somehow, James is still sleeping. This is very unusual for nighttime... usually he's quite fussy/needy in the evening. We'll take it! We eat a gourmet dinner of frozen pizza and veggies & hummus.

7:30pm - James is still sleeping, so my Business Man goes upstairs to gently awake the royal highness. After some cuddles and playtime, he's finally awake and ready to eat.

8pm - James eats again, and then we have mommy-son cuddles on the couch. I wish I could bottle his new baby smell. Meanwhile, my Business Man is cleaning up the dinner mess and taking out all the trash for trash day.

8:45pm - James goes upstairs with Daddy to get changed and all ready for bed. I join them and we read a bedtime story. My Business Man rocks him to sleep, so I head back downstairs to get some more stuff done. (I absolutely NEED to start wrapping Christmas gifts!)

9pm - Who am I kidding? I am ZONKED. I crash on the couch to veg and write this post. Gift wrapping can wait until tomorrow. 

9:15pm - My Business Man joins me downstairs and we watch James in the baby monitor. He is WIDE awake, and staring at us. After a few minutes, he puts himself to sleep. 

And that's pretty much the end of our day... Daddy will give him a bottle around 10:30-11pm and we will all go to sleep and hope for another night with only 2 wake-ups.

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