Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of School...

Long time, no blog, haha. I thought I was a bit overdue for a life update so here goes...

My Business Man and I have had a great summer... super busy, but super fun. I haven't taken a TON of pictures, but I have been faithfully Instagram-ing... so here's our summer, Instagram-style.

  • We've been working on remodeling the kitchen since May, and it's just about done. Just missing some lighting and a few switch plates. Perhaps I will write a blog post with before & after pics at some point. (Haha, yea right.) 

This drawer might be my favorite part. I am so much more organized now, I love it!

  • I got to spend some quality time with my BFF Talen. She came to visit the Bean Town for an entire week (!) and it was so much fun. Running, episodes of Friends, cupcakes galore... it was almost like college. Except no math stupid homework.

Rockin' the glasses. I also had an ulcer in my eye for two weeks at the beginning of summer. That was real fun.

  • My Business Man and I were blessed to be able to go an awesome vacation... a cruise through the Western Mediterranean! I had never been overseas, and it was absolutely the best vacation of my life. I now want to travel the world.
Portofino, Italy, aka the most beautiful place in the world. No joke.

Gelato, all day everyday. Seriously. I think my Business Man had two cones in each port. This Nutella was my favorite.

The best meal of the trip - paella in Valencia. With a glass pitcher of sangria.
  • Before flying across the pond, we got to spend a night in Atlanta with one of my best friends from high school... and meet her cute little sweet pea for the first time! It was so good to catch up. 

  • I ran the Freedom 5k on July 4. And I ran a PR! I haven't PR'd in the 5k in a very long time. Everything just fell into place that morning and I felt really good. I was also 2nd place and received a $25 gift card to MC Sporting Goods. Woot woot. This reminds me that I still haven't spent it. Looks like I need to go to the mall.

Loving all the neon right now.

  • CUPCAKES!! This is probably the most exciting thing of the summer. Lots of good news for Sara's Sweets. First things first, I legit got a website. A real website! It's so cool. 
Cute lil' mini cupcakes.

  • And another exciting cupcake-related thing... I opened a cupcake counter. It's inside a cute little shop called Pears Avenue in the downtown area of the Bean Town. It's open two days a week. Basically, I bake a TON of cupcakes, take 'em all down there, load up the case, and sell my little heart out! It is so.much.fun. 
I love my job.

  • And on a last & final note... today was the first day of school. And I did not go. First time in 20 years that I have not gone back to school in August! I am now officially a full time cupcake queen. AHHHH! It is so exciting. I have been really blessed with the success of Sara's Sweets, and after lots of talks with my Business Man, we decided to step out in faith and take Sara's Sweets to the next level. And it has gone tremendously well so far. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.
So, there's a big ole' life update! Hopefully I will be back to update the blog sometime sooner than 4 months from now, but who knows?!

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