Tuesday, July 21, 2015

brain dump [july 2015]

It's been a hot minute since I've blogged... life's just a bit chaotic. But life is always chaotic, no? I've coem to learn that in my 27 fine years here on this Earth. I'm learning to embrace the chaos.

I'll try to somewhat break this post up into categories, to at least help me organize myself.

New Orleans: My Business Man & I went to New Orleans for a work conference at the beginning of June. (To clarify, it was a work conference for my Business Man. Sadly there are no giant cupcake conferences. That I've discovered. Yet.) 

Did you catch that?! We went WITHOUT the James-ter! We LEFT HIM! OVERNIGHT! And he survived. (We did, too.) It was actually so strange to be without our little nugget. And after that first night of sleeping 8 glorious hours, it was pretty fantastic. ;) We had a fun little getaway, but definitely missed our little guy.

Highlights of the trip included eating ALL THE FOOD, seeing a random movie in the middle of the day (in a theater!), morning runs through the Garden District, and a hands-on cooking class at the New Orleans School of Cooking.

We even have the aprons to prove it!
One of the best meals - fresh-pressed muffulettas at the market.
This meal was also probably the cheapest, at just $8.
Visitors: Out of the last 4 weeks, we've had visitors here about 3 of them. Lots of love for Jamesy-boy!

My mom & dad came to visit and we took James to the pool for the first time. He loves the water! He loves to lay back & relax, or lean forward and try to kick himself around. He doesn't really get anywhere though.

Water baby!
We celebrated an early birthday for my dad since we wouldn't get to see him on his actual birthday (July 10.) I made him a homemade angel food cake, and not to toot my own horn, but it was pretty fab.

Just a few candles shy of the 54 that should have been on the cake...

My friend Kristi and her two sweet kidd-os (Cora & Casey) came to visit for a night. It was SO good to catch up! She lives in a remote village in Alaska, so we don't get to see each other often. We got to go for a run, make homemade pizza, and just spend some QT together. We are actually going to meet up in San Diego next month for a girls' trip! Woah!

And somehow this is the only picture we got! Ahhhh. Chaos, I tell you.
Finally, my Business Man's family came to visit for a week! James' uncle Zack has been teaching in Laos for the entire past academic year and just came home in June. So they had never met before! James loved his uncle Zack time. Seriously, James loved to sit and cuddle with Zack for long periods of time. (He never cuddles with me!)

Learning how to watch Netflix on the iPad. Bahaha.
Michigan: Before my in-laws came to visit, we met them up north for a weekend in Michigan. Of course, in our favorite area! We stayed in Saugatuck at a recently remodeled retro motel - the Starlite Resort. It was cute, clean, and had a fun pool! All our requirements were met. :)

First overnight at a hotel for James... "This bed is all for ME??!"

They had a few hammocks, too. We thought it'd be great to try to get a cute pic of James on the hammock.... ummm yea.

"Sit here on the hammock," they said, "it'll be fun!" LIES!

Much better in Mom's arms.

First family selfie!
My Business Man & I even escaped for a date night to our favorite restaurant - Salt of the Earth. And devoured the toasted s'mores dessert. Omg, so good. Take me back.

Mmm, that salted caramel sauce. When will they invent tast-o-vision for the computer screen?!

Cupcakes: The business is booming, which is great. I've got lots of exciting things on the horizon, but not really able to say anything yet. God is good. :)

Fun birthday cake!

Gorgeous wedding set-up.

Whimsical smash cake.

Other random pictures:

I've been obsessively buying all the new varieties of Oreos
that now exist, so thought this was fitting.

James LOVE yogurt!

And he hates shopping at Wal-mart. You and me both, buddy.

Happy boy sitting on his couch!

With that, I'm off to pack for another adventure! We are headed to Door County, WI for a fun-filled week with my parents. Bring on all the trail runs, cherry salsa, and ICE CREAM!


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