Wednesday, December 10, 2014

back in the swing of things..... hahaha

I guess you could say we are sort in the swing of things... well, we are surviving! I started working a bit last week because CHRISTMAS!! How can you run a cupcake business and not be open at Christmas time?!?

Cuddling with Mom on the couch in one of his many Christmas outfits.

I filled a few small cupcake orders early last week, and James was a champ! He has been napping really well during the days. He's on a 2.5-3 hour cycle where he will eat, then have 30-40 minutes of awake time, and then down for a nap for anywhere from 1-2 hours. Then repeat. I have been able to get a LOT done during his naps. (Though sometimes all I want to do is take a nap myself. Ha.) Sometimes I even have to wake him up at the 3 hour mark to eat! Unfortunately, that never happens at night time...

Kitchen set-up while James is napping... see the monitor in the very very far left of the picture? To the left of the utensil crock.

I usually try to have him nap in his crib; hopefully that will make moving him to his crib in a few weeks a little easier? I just set up the baby monitor so I can watch him from the kitchen. Plus, I don't think he would sleep all too well downstairs when both mixers are going full blast.

Last Saturday was the big Downtown Holiday Festival here in the Bean Town. All the local downtown businesses offer fun activities for families & children. It's always a SUPER busy, but fun day. I decided to offer free cupcake decorating for kids at the cupcake counter. We even got to share the room with Santa & Mrs. Claus!

Ready for kidd-os! 
We went through almost 200 cupcakes in 2.5 hours, and had to turn people away! So sad.
So, in addition to getting all the cupcakes ready for decorating, I also planned to bake about 35 dozen to sell at the counter. That is a BIG baking day. Especially with a 2.5 week old, ha. Fortunately, I had some help from my neighbor across the street for about 5 hours. She helped me with James, and when he was sleeping, she helped me with little odds & ends for the cupcake baking. Somehow, I was able to get it all done at a reasonable hour! 

James didn't quite know what to think about the 4 huge tables of cupcakes sitting around the house. Who am I kidding, I am sure he didn't even notice.

Saturday was the big festival, and it went really well! My Business Man had his first solo baby duty for the majority of the day (8am-2pm). He's taken care of James for short trips to the store and such, but never for such a long stretch. He did a great job, and even brought James down to get his picture taken with Santa. I was totally exhausted at the end of the day, but it felt good to get back to doing something 'normal' for me, since our schedule has been so crazy lately. (As can be expected when it's ruled by a newborn.)

[Side note: My Business Man has been awesome in the daddy department. He pretty much takes over baby duty when he gets home from work each night, in addition to helping with whatever chores need to be done around the house that got neglected during the day. I don't know what I'd do without him!]

What else is new with the little nugget?

Sleep: He is still not sleeping the best at night... but I think that's to be expected for a 3-week old. Some nights he will only get up twice (those are the good nights!) and some nights it's more like 4-5 times. He doesn't really get fussy at night, he just wants to eat, so that is good. He pretty much goes back to sleep after 5-10 minutes of rocking.

Baby yawns are SO precious.
Eating: He's nursing really well! Though, there are definitely times when I wish that the dads are able to breastfeed, too. Wouldn't that be something? ;) He does take a bottle just fine, so that's good. Just takes a little bit more planning on my part.

Random Tidbits: 

He's already out of his newborn clothes. So sad... I can't believe how quick he is growing!

'Look at me, Mom! I'm wearing 3-month clothes already!' (As I sit here and bawl my eyes out...)

He had his first tubby time... and hated it! Though you wouldn't know it from how cozy he is in his hoodie towel.
'Do you have to take a picture of everything?!'

We had a fun time in the baby carrier. We had a lot to get done one afternoon, and he just wanted to be held. So we gave it a try. I will say that baking while baby-wearing is not super easy, but it is easier than baking one-handed while holding a baby with the other arm. 

I promise, he can breathe. :)
That's about it for an update... I'm sure more adventures are on their way! 


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