Monday, November 17, 2014

40 weeks + is it go time?!

Officially playing the waiting game... we are two days past Poppyseed's due date and patiently awaiting his arrival! We got a bunch of snow overnight and it's been nice to just cuddle up inside the house with nowhere to go and nothing to do. (Fortunately, the hospital is just 4 blocks away, so we shouldn't have any issue getting there when it's time.)

40 weeks on the dot! And might I say I am about ready to burn that hoodie... pretty much the only warm shirt I have that currently fits!
I've had the hospital bags packed for 2+ weeks... however I keep taking clothes out of them to wear. A girl needs her yoga pants around the house! 

I've spent the last couple days just putzing around the house... cleaning a bit here and there, watching Gilmore Girls, working on some fun recipes in the kitchen.

Fancy Cookies & Cream Hot Cocoa... SO GOOD!!

Homemade sourdough bread! This one took some planning ahead, with the starter and all. But now I am happy to say I have a sourdough starter sitting in my fridge, so I can bake fresh sourdough whenever I want! (Because I'm sure that will be a high priority with a newborn.)

Cutesy cookies to match Poppyseed's nursery. I joked with my mom that she could bring them to the hospital when Poppyseed is born and pretend to give them to us as a present. Ha.

40 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: BABY!

Sleep: Not great. I've been getting a lot of quality Gilmore Girls viewing time during the middle of the night.

Movement: He doesn't have as much room, so I haven't been feeling as much.

Running/Workouts: Pretty much just daily activities at this point. I did walk 2 miles yesterday afternoon in the snow/cold to get some fresh air.

Snowy selfie! (Gag me.)
Cravings: Nothing really. I wouldn't mind a donut right about now though.

What I am missing: I seriously cannot remember what it is like to not have constant lower back pain. I am so ready to be able to move around with ease. (Praying for a quick and easy recovery from the birth!)

Looking forward to: My doctor's appointment tomorrow, and meeting Poppyseed! I know it will be soon. It HAS to be, right??!


Melissa Frye said...

Who knew that it would be SOON when you posted this! :) Happy Baby Day! Enjoy your sweet boy!! And congratulations!

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