Thursday, October 30, 2014

37 weeks + Poppyseed's nursery

We are getting there. At least I hope so! I have been having some contractions but nothing regular. I had my 37 week check-up on Tuesday, and all is going well. Poppyseed is head-down (which is good!) and growing right on track, and I am making a little progress in the labor department. She didn't really have any insight as to when he would make his appearance. I guess he'll come when he's ready!

I've been keeping myself busy this week with Halloween cupcakes... a few of my customers think I'm crazy for still working. But what else am I gonna do with my time? I'm going crazy enough as it is!

37 weeks + 5 days
We finally have gotten the nursery pretty much all put together. I thought I would share some pics, because I know you are all dying to see Poppyseed's orange & teal elephant-themed room. Ha.

We turned the littlest bedroom (which is right across the hall from ours) into his nursery. It's super small, and the closet is pretty much a fake closet that is actually the staircase to the attic.

The crib sits on the wall opposite the door. We got his awesome elephant quilt from Alphabet Monkey... it might be my favorite thing about the whole room!

In the corner to the right of the crib (close to the door), we have the glider. I wanted something super comfy that looked more like regular furniture, so if we want to put it somewhere else in the house eventually, we can. To the left of the glider, we will be putting a bookshelf... it's just not quite done yet. (The guy who built our kitchen cabinets is building it for us. I had found one in a magazine that I loved, but it was like $800. And way too big. Ridiculous. So he is building it for us much cheaper, and the proper size.)

Not gonna lie, sometimes I just go in there and sit on the chair. My mom painted the stool for us to act as a little table. I'm pretty sure it will be the momma snack & water table.
These prints are hanging on the wall above where the bookshelf will go. We got them at a little shop on our trip to Michigan a few weeks ago. They have really cute quotes, but I am too lazy to go upstairs and write them down so you can actually read them. Ha.

His dresser is on the wall opposite the bookshelf. (Keeping everything straight?! Lol.) Since we don't have any closet space for the room, we wanted to get a really big dresser that could double as a changing table, too. This is actually the same exact dresser from IKEA that we have in our bedroom, just white instead of black. We also got the mirror at IKEA but painted it teal.

Just need to add the changing pad.
And would you believe all those drawers are full!?! How can a kid who's not even here yet own so many things? I will admit, it was pretty fun to wash and fold all his cute little clothes. And a little surreal. He will actually be wearing them in a few short weeks! (Or less...)

37 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: At 6.5 lbs, I'd say he's the size of a baby. None of this fruit/vegetable comparing crap anymore. ;)

Sleep: I wake up 3-4 times a night to use the potty. It is miserable trying to get out of bed... my lower back/pelvic area gets SO stiff and it hurts so bad for those few minutes.

Movement: He loves to move after I eat breakfast. (Which has been Honey Nut Cheerios with bananas and milk lately. Must be a lot of sugar?!) And then also, his active time of day is from about 4-9pm... I had my appointment Tuesday afternoon around 5pm and he was wiggling so much when my doctor was measuring me. It was pretty funny.

Running/Workouts: Elliptical, walks, blah blah. Does sitting and stretching my hips on the exercise ball count?

Cravings: Cheese. One of my friends made Velveeta queso dip last weekend and it was the best thing I ate all week. Mmmm, I could so have another plateful right now. And the pumpkin donut obsession continues, though I am able to limit it to just once a week. Oh, and I had to have some homemade Chex mix last weekend. I swear I could smell it roasting in the oven (when I actually had cupcakes in the oven). So I made up a batch with double the seasonings and extra mixed nuts. So good.

What I am missing: Being able to do things without pain. My lower back & hips have been pretty sore lately. I just can't even imagine being able to move my body in normal ways without it hurting! It seems like it's been forever. 

I also keep doing little "practice jogs" where I run for about 10 feet just to see what it feels like. Usually in a store parking lot trying to get to the car quicker. It feels so strange to run... I can't even remember what it feels like to run. And I know, it probably won't feel good the first run (or two or ten) back. But I am ready to go for a jog!

Looking forward to: Not being pregnant anymore, ha. The countdown is on... 16 days. (That is until his due date, I know it could go 2 weeks past that! Trying not to let my thoughts go there.) I am just SO ready to see this little dude. I know it's going to be hard work and no sleep and craziness, but I am to the point where I say, "Bring it on!"


Rosanne Bowman said...

The last few weeks of pregnancy are God's way of getting you to the point of saying, I don't care waht it takes, get this child out of my body!" Excited for you guys! :)

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