Sunday, October 5, 2014

33 weeks + escape to that place up north

Slowly getting closer... feels like we are finally almost to the end! Poppyseed is over 4 pounds now, and at least 17 inches long. All that's left really to do is to chub him up a bit before he's ready to make his entrance! Fortunately, he's shifted or something, because I am feeling TONS better! My back pain is minimal, and my hips are only a little sore. I still haven't attempted any running (not worth having crazy pain again!), but am so happy to be able to go about my daily routine/tasks without so much pain.

33 weeks!
The big highlight of this week was definitely our getaway to Michigan... a 'babymoon' of sorts. (Barf, I hate that term. Ha.) We stayed at Castle in the Country in Allegan, which is our go-to place when heading to the mitten. We stayed there on our honeymoon, and like to go back every year or two to enjoy some 'us' time.

We have never been to Michigan in the fall, and it was a gorgeous time of year to be there. Beautiful leaves changing, and the weather was perfect. Warm during the day, but a little chilly at night. 

When we got there, we decided to take advantage of the sunny day, and went paddle boating on the little lake on the B&B's property. (After raiding the cookie jar, of course. I think I might have had a half-dozen cookies in the 40 hours we were there? Gotta take advantage!) They have paddle boats and kayaks available for guests to use, but I thought the paddle boat might be a little easier to operate, with less of a chance of ending up in the water. My Business Man and I did about half a loop around the lake... it wasn't as easy as it looked!

Obligatory selfie
We headed into South Haven to grab some dinner that night, and ended up at a pizza place on their patio so we could watch the sunset over the water. I was starving, so we ordered a cast iron cheesy-tomato dip, which was amazing. It was served with fresh-baked flatbread from the wood-fired oven. Definitely satisfied my cravings for all things cheese. We followed it up with some cheesy pizza. (Nothing like carbs on top of carbs, with some cheese thrown in for good measure.) 

After lots of wonderful sleep, we got up the next day and were treated to probably the best breakfast of my life. Fresh-baked cinnamon roll, and caramelized onion & gouda quiche. With bacon. Omg... there was so much butter in this meal, it should probably be illegal, but it was so good. I've already emailed the innkeeper to see if he will share the quiche recipe. After stuffing ourselves, we rolled ourselves out to the patio to enjoy a second cup of coffee while we waited for our massage time. (I know, life is so rough.)

Ugh, I would give anything to have this in front of me right now.
Remember the $200 I won from the 1-Mile Dash for Cash back in August? I've been holding onto it since then... so we could treat ourselves to a couples' massage at the B&B. We had one on our honeymoon, and it is quite seriously the most relaxing, rejuvenating experience that exists. We were not disappointed with round #2.

After our massages, we buzzed over to Saugatuck to spend the afternoon. We walked around enjoying the shops, and bought a few prints for Poppyseed's room. (Speaking of, we really need to get it finished up! I know that all he really needs at first is somewhere to sleep, diapers, and someone to feed him, but I'd really like to get the room all settled and ready.)

We enjoyed our first PSL's of the season (I know, so cliche), and spent some time walking along the water. We wanted to take the chain ferry across to the little town on the other side and check out some sand dunes, but sadly the chain ferry closed down for the season on Labor Day. Boo.

So, naturally I googled 'sand dunes' to see what would pop up, and google maps took us to Saugatuck Dunes State Park. It wasn't exactly what I was thinking of, but it was a park with lots of hiking trails, many that were completely sand. We chose a 2.5-mile route that would take us to see the lake... having no idea how challenging or not challenging it would be.

It was a bit of a challenge! Walking on sand is no joke. It wasn't crazy hilly, but there were a few spots where it went straight up that I was out of breath. I joked with my Business Man that he and I are probably finally on the same fitness level. ;)

This was the biggest hill we climbed... so not too bad.
And the view we were rewarded with.
After our strenuous workout (ha!), we headed to our favorite restaurant for dinner, Salt of the Earth. They are constantly changing their menu based on the season, and we were excited to try some fun dishes. I had some house-made gnocchi with fried brussels sprouts (with bacon!) on the side, and my Business Man had a big ole' pork chop with collards and mac & cheese. We shared a smoked pumpkin appetizer to start... which was different but absolutely delicious! It was literally a wedge of pumpkin, smoked bbq-style, served with goat cheese, a raisin-infused sauce, and pickled carrots. Not something you get to eat everyday!

After sleeping in the next morning and another great breakfast, we had to hit the road back to the Bean Town for a jam-packed week. More on that to come. :)

33 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: A pineapple! But I'm very glad there's not actually a pineapple inside me... that might be a little uncomfortable. Well, a little more uncomfortable than I am already, ha.

Sleep: Pretty decent!

Movement: Lots of it. Love it.

Running/Workouts: The elliptical, plus lots of walks outside. I love getting the fresh air. Plus some sand dune climbing and paddle boating.

Cravings: Donuts! Again, lol.

What I am missing: Being able to do things without getting short of breath. Walking from the basement to the second story in my house has proved to be quite the feat lately.

Looking forward to: My Lima baby shower this weekend! My girlfriends are hosting it for me, and my mom & dad and in-laws are coming out for one last celebration for Poppyseed. Yay!


Kristin Redmon said...

I'm so jelous of that view! I've never heard of a "babymoon," but that is a great idea. I hope you had a great time. Maybe I missed something, or I'm totally out of the loop, but what is a PSL?

Sara said...

@Kristin - PSL... pumpkin spice latte! Best fall drink :)

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