Thursday, September 11, 2014

30 weeks + learning how to birth a child

Woah, it seems a little surreal to hit the big 3-0! The last decade of pregnancy (hopefully). After a somewhat heavy post last week, this week it's back to the usual. There hasn't been anything too eventful to report about, but I couldn't stand to skip a week. :-P

We did have our childbirth class on Monday which was kinda fun. We had the option of doing an all-day Saturday class or a shorter night class, and I'm glad we went with the shorter version. The class was led by an L&D nurse, and she showed several videos and answered questions. 

I will give props to the couples in the videos - they pretty much shared everything with the cameras when it comes to childbirth. We saw laboring methods, contractions, epidurals, vaginal births, c-sections. All while feasting on a meal of pizza & pop. (Glad I don't have a queasy stomach.)

The thing that freaks me out the most about childbirth is the possibility of an episiotomy. I am hoping to go natural (without an epidural) but the thought of the doctor making a cut in me just gives me the willies! The nurse said about 20-30% of women end up with episiotomies, so we shall see! I would much rather tear naturally.

The class ended with a tour of the birthing suite which was pretty neat. We got to see the labor & delivery rooms, as well as the postpartum rooms where my Business Man & I will actually stay with Poppyseed for 2-4 days, depending on whether we have a vaginal birth or c-section. (I've also tossed around the idea of letting my Business Man sleep at home... we live just half a mile from the hospital. I'm sure that will change once I'm stuck in the hospital though.) We also got to see both nurseries (regular and special care) where the babies can stay if you want/need some time to yourself.

Other randomness of the week: 

I've been trying to eat more eggs, because they are a good source of lecithin, which can help with joint pain. (Thanks to a friend back home for sending me that info!) But I am not a fan of scrambled eggs and I don't really know how else to cook them. Any ideas??!

My Business Man assembled Poppyseed's dresser. Yay! We picked it up at IKEA last weekend when were in Chicago. The nursery is almost finished. Just need some more clothes for our little man!

30 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: Cabbage.... boring. I did not buy a head of cabbage this week because I knew I would not even attempt to eat it.

Sleep: Weird. Some nights good, some nights bad. I had a dream one night that I had the baby, except it was a fuzzy-eared pink piglet. And I was freaking out because I didn't know how to breastfeed it. But I do remember the ears being super soft.

Movement: Lots. My Business Man likes to 'play' with Poppyseed when I'm trying to sleep. I woke up the other morning to him poking my belly. Haha.

Running: Nada, but did get get in a couple elliptical and bike workouts. And a walk! Progress.

Cravings: I was really wanting a donut last Sunday but we didn't have time to stop before church. Boo.

My Business Man has conveniently plastered his face all over a billboard near the donut shop. Talk about tempting. I keep asking him to let me & Poppyseed be in the next billboard photo. Wouldn't a baby make you want to buy more insurance?!?
What I am missing: Running, ha. And having more than 2-3 shirts to choose from, lol.

Looking forward to: Going home this weekend for Poppyseed's baby shower! My best college girlfriends are all coming and we haven't seen each other since last December. I am SO excited to spend some quality girly time together.


Sarah DJ said...

Egg ideas off the top of my head...French toast, Homemade ice cream with extra (farm fresh) eggs (come get some from me when you're back if you don't have a good source! I have a few extra dozen), smoothie with an egg blended in, quiche, fried rice... And that's all I can think of. :-)

I was really concerned about the episiotomy thing too, and made sure I was on the same page with our midwife long before labor and birth. Tears heal so much better than slices, and the skin only goes as far as it needs to if it's not cut. If it is cut, it's like ripping fabric you've already started cutting (once it starts, it's hard to stop).

Down to the last few months of baby on the inside...yippee :-)

Melissa said...

My mid-wife and doctor both said that cutting is better than tearing because the cuts heal better. I was going to tear so they ended up cutting me about an inch. They made sure to numb me so I didn't feel anything. The only weird thing was after the birth, was getting stitched.

They said tears are worse because they have a tendency ( depending how you tear) to not be able to repair them as easily. And having to cut a little bit in order to do so.

It's really not that big of a deal and seems worse than it is.

Beth Lusk said...

Eggs! Well, there are lots of ways my mister and I like them. Hard/Soft boiled, sunny side up, scrambled...or you can get adventurous and make a quiche (crust-less for more nutrition), omelet, add them to some fried rice or salad. We also tend to spice up our regular scrambled eggs by throwing in some sauteed veggies and cheese. OH and if you have anything like a Foreman grill or quesadilla maker try making a yummy grilled egg wrap. We like to put green pepper, onion, mushroom, meat of choice or not, spinach, cheese and mustard and then grill it to a gooey, yummy hot breakfast wrap. The mustard really makes it amazing...if you like mustard that is.

We like eggs. Haha

Sara said...

Thanks for the feedback on the episiotomy Sarah & Melissa!

Beth- Not a mustard fan but might give some of the others a try... just seems like so much work when I could just pour a bowl of cereal! :-P Haha.

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