Tuesday, August 26, 2014

28 weeks + eggplant parm

28 weeks, and Poppyseed is the size of an eggplant! He can blink his eyes, and even has eyelashes. He also likes to move a lot. Which I love.

I picked up an eggplant at the grocery store in honor of Poppyseed's growth this week, with no idea what to do with it. Fortunately, one of my favorite food bloggers posted a recipe for Skillet Eggplant Parmesan. Of course, I had to make it. And it was so good! Typically eggplant parm is breaded & deep-fried, but this was just baked, then layered with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese. I was nervous it wasn't going to be filling enough, but I made some garlic toast on the side and it was perfect. (Bonus - I got to feel really good about myself for eating pretty much just vegetables for dinner. Just forget the 3 pieces of garlic bread.)

I also did some food prep with a good friend in anticipation of Poppyseed's arrival... we made a big ole' batch of freezer meals. Love getting meals prepped and not having to think about dinner. (The reality - these will likely all be eaten before Poppyseed even arrives. Lol.)

24 meals in 4.5 hours. We each kept 8, and gave 8 to another friend who just had a baby 3 weeks ago.
It was also fair week here in the Bean Town. We had good intentions to make it out to the fair, mostly because I wanted a corn dog and a lemon shake-up. However, every time we had the opportunity to go, I decided the nice, cool air conditioning sounded much more enjoyable. I did make some fair-themed cupcakes for the cupcake counter, which were a hit.

Cotton Candy and Funnel Cake!
Saturday, my Business Man & I spontaneously saw an afternoon movie... we figured we might as well soak up these last couple months of spontaneity while we can! We saw The Hundred-Foot Journey and absolutely loved it. (Though it really made me crave Indian food. Which I've never even tried... where to find good Indian food in the Bean Town??! Haha.)

We grilled out a simple dinner afterwards, and I finally satisfied my mashed potato craving! I made my mom's Marvelous Mashed Potatoes, which also have sour cream, cheese, green onions, and bacon. So so good.

And we've still been working on the nursery! Got this canvas hung this week. We are picking up the dresser this weekend, and pretty soon it will all pretty much be ready. Eeek! Just need the baby!

28 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: Eggplant! (See above.)

Sleep: Some nights, really good. Some nights, really awful. Ironically, I wake up mostly because my hips hurt, not because I have to pee.

Movement: He is a jumping bean in there. Though for a couple days, he was really lazy, and I got super worried. (Those were also two days that I was super busy on my feet working all day. So that makes sense.)

Running: 19 miles! Woah! I even ran 4 times this week, crazy. Longest was a 10km. I also used the elliptical twice.

Cravings: Cheese, still. Ooey gooey, crispy, melty cheese. That eggplant parm above hit the spot. Also, PB+J. I ate some variation of PB+J for lunch four times last week. (Toasted on a plain bagel with chopped tart cherry jam from Door County is the best, by the way.)

What I am missing: Running fast! I have really been getting the itch to run fast. Like, a tempo run or speed intervals. I am not going to try, because it would feel miserable. However, I am really looking forward to non-pregnant running this winter and trying to get some sort of speed back. And to have workouts with a purpose, rather than just to survive.

Looking forward to: Seeing family. We are headed to IL this weekend for Labor Day to catch up with the fam. And I can't wait to sleep in the waterbed at my parents' house. Ha.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

27 weeks + hello 3rd trimester!

Welp, I'm officially in the third trimester. And officially feeling very pregnant. My belly feels huuuge... and everyday I wonder how it can possibly get any bigger. But I know it will... we still have 13 weeks to go! Yikes. The best part is when I'm working and I get random baking ingredients smeared all over my belly without even noticing it. Good thing I usually wear old t-shirts.

Because everybody needs to see a shot of my belly from above. Yea right.
Poppyseed has turned into such a wiggle worm this week. He is constantly moving and squirming around! I can even feel it when I wake up in the middle of the night... I'm wondering if this child ever sleeps. (Hopefully he will when he's outside my belly, or we're in for a rude awakening.)

Dressed up for a dinner out with my Business Man on Saturday night.
This week was actually a pretty low-key week... just lots of work. Sara's Sweets has been crazy busy, which is great! However it's not so great for my energy levels. 11-12 hour days on my feet really leave me zonked, and I've spent way too many evenings laid up on the couch. I just keep telling myself it's only temporary. (Because I am not ready to give up the cupcake orders! Ha.) We had a lot of fun with Shark Week cupcakes last week, and I'm doing fair-themed cupcakes this week for the county fair. (Funnel Cake, anyone!?)

Sharks took over the cupcake counter!
Running and I have been getting along pretty well this week. I've discovered that I feel the best with 3 runs a week, and then 2 days of elliptical or walking. I even ran 7 miles on Sunday! With my old running buds! It felt so good to be back out there in the morning chatting away... almost felt like my old self for an hour. My goal is to run waddle the Pumpkin Festival 10km on September 13 when I am visiting home that weekend. My college girlfriends are coming to visit as well, and we are all running it! I think I will be able to make it... it's only 3.5 weeks away. I am hoping one of them will have pity on me and run my slow pace. ;)

Still rockin' the Gabriella maternity belt for running. And also when I work the long days in the kitchen. It does wonders for my hip and back pain!

27 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: A head of cauliflower! Which is making me crave a dish my mom used to make... she would just steam a head of cauliflower in the microwave and melt several slices of American cheese over the top. I can still remember peeling off all that oozy melty cheese. Yum.

Sleep: Ehhhh. It's been better. I started having this new sensation at night, where I get this pinching/tingling feeling in both my hips, no matter what side I'm lying on. It makes it really hard to fall asleep.

Movement: Tons! Love it!

Running: 16 miles split up over 3 runs. Also, two elliptical workouts and a couple short walks.

Cravings: Nothing is really standing out. Cheese. I've been making a quesadilla with tons of cheese almost every day... hits the spot.

Looking forward to: (Not pregnancy related), but PUMPKIN! Ha. I make myself wait til Labor Day every year, but I have been wanting pumpkin food so bad! Fortunately, Labor Day is early this year.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

26 weeks + skittles for breakfast

So I learned that running three races in a week while 6 months pregnant is not necessarily the best thing to do... it definitely took me a long time to recover after last week's shenanigans. (Totally worth it though!) This past week consisted of a lot rest and recovery, including several naps and low key nights. Not a bad thing at all!

At 26 weeks, I'm in the last week of the second trimester. Crazy! I had another 4-week check-up with my doctor, and once we hit 28 weeks, I'll be going every two weeks. Which is even more crazy!

This time, I got to do the glucose screening to test for gestational diabetes. Usually they give you a super sugary orange drink, then test your blood sugar 1 hour later. For some reason, my doctor's office just lets you eat a pack of Skittles instead! My appointment was at 9am so I had Skittles for breakfast that day, ha. I passed the test no problem, so that's a good thing. :) I also got to hear Poppyseed's heartbeat again and that never gets old.

We took the weekend off from work and headed home to visit our family. It had been way too long since we spent a long weekend at home, and it was much needed! We got to spend time with my parents, my Business Man's parents, and both our extended families. We even got to watch my sister-in-law's band show on the practice field where we met 12 years ago! Crazy to think it's been that long since that first year of band camp where I met my honey.

It's a good thing I passed my gestational diabetes screening, because the theme of the weekend was SUGAR! After a short run on Friday morning, we walked to the donut shop near my parents to pick up some donuts for breakfast. Talk about nostalgia! We used to walk there almost every Sunday for donuts after church. So much fun.

Mmmm... raspberry danish. This was my dad's go-to pick growing up. Strangely I was the one who wanted it this time.
We also traveled to a nearby town to check out a cheesecake shop that I've been stalking on Facebook forever... That's So Sweet. They specialize in mini cheesecakes, and were so good! And what a cute idea. I'm thinking I might need to try something like that here in Ohio...

My favorite was the Salted Caramel. And the Red Velvet was a close second.

Loved their chalkboard menu.
And of course a stop at the good ole' Ice Cream Shack. I'm sad to say I was unable to finish my Peanut Butter Cup Sundae... (and I can remember one distinct time in high school where I ate TWO of them in one visit! Granted, we were there for several hours, but still!)

We spent Saturday night at my grandma's house with the extended family... so good to spend time with everyone. 2014 is definitely the year of the babies, with 4 new additions to the family! My cousin Bobby and his wife just had a new little baby boy in May, and have a 3-year-old son, Everett. My aunt & uncle just adopted a 2-year-old boy, Asher, from China, and also have a 7-year-old, Ayden. My other cousin Charlie and his wife are expecting a baby girl in November, due one week before us, and then there's us and Poppyseed of course! It was a bit crazy with the 3 little boys running around at grandma's this weekend, and we were all joking about what it will be like the next couple years with 6 of them running around. Charlie & Amanda's little girl will definitely be the little princess of the group! (Either that or she'll learn to stick up for herself pretty quick, haha.)

Not a picture from my grandma's, but taken in my mom's backyard.
Last but not least, how about our #pizzaoftheweek. What a great transition there. (I never claimed to be a writer.) We enjoyed a delicious Buffalo Chicken Pizza, with buffalo cream cheese, shredded chicken, green onions, mozzarella, and cheddar. It was SO good. And I made a huge pizza and got to eat it several times. (One of the bonuses of getting full super quick... getting to enjoy your favorite foods over a longer period of time, lol.)

26 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: The size of a head of lettuce. And I believe it.

Sleep: Going well. Sleeping in the waterbed at my parents' house was AMAZING. (Funny thing is, usually I hate it. Ha.)

Movement: Lots of it still. Though he was definitely shy when we were at home! Guess he doesn't want anybody but mom & dad to feel his little kicks.

Running: 19 miles plus a session on the elliptical. The elliptical is really beginning to grow on me... especially if you find a fun workout to follow on Pinterest. I just close my eyes and pretend I'm out in nature.

Cravings: Omg, my mac & cheese craving was finally really satisfied. My aunt makes the best mac & cheese and we had it on Saturday night. And I asked her secret (of course, she doesn't follow a recipe) and it is definitely a whole bunch of Velveeta cheese. Can you guess what I bought at the grocery store this week?

Looking forward to: My weekly chiropractor appointments. My back and hip pain has subsided quite a bit, but it is definitely still there. It feels so good to have everything stretched out and loosened up each week.

Monday, August 4, 2014

25 weeks + race crazy

I think Poppyseed has definitely gone through a growth spurt this week... because there were a few days when I was completely exhausted and super hungry. And my belly just feels like it is streeeeetching like crazy. (And I know I still have a long way to go!)

So, I may have gone from not running at all to running three races in one week. Ha. Granted, I didn't run much at all between those three races, and took it pretty easy. Poppyseed just loves to run! (Or so I tell myself. I am somewhat afraid he is going to want to be rocked/swung constantly once he comes out since he's so used to moving back and forth in the womb.)

We participated in a lot of fun races this week. My SI joint pain has significantly lessened, and I have been able to get back to running a bit! (Which makes me so happy. Either Poppyseed has moved around a little bit or the exercises the chiropractor gave me are finally starting to work.) I've run about every other day since the beginning of last week. The local YMCA had a fun 5k on the river walk trail and we ran that on Tuesday night.

On Saturday, we actually ran two races. My Business Man even participated in one of them!

The first was the inaugural Warrior Mode 1-Mile Dash for Cash. I had no desire to run this race... I figured there would be a ton of fast people. It's a 1-mile race, and there were cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. ($1000, $200, $100.) I figured with all the money there'd be so much competition! However, it was the first year for the race, and after someone put a bug in my ear that not many women had signed up, I decided last minute to go ahead and give it a shot. (Nothing like deciding at 9:30pm that you will be running a 1-mile race the next morning. While 6 months pregnant. After stuffing your face with gyros. Pita bread is a carb?)

I did a little over a mile warm-up and then just hoped to place in the top 3! There were only about 8-10 women in the race. I ended up finishing 2nd place with a 6:07 mile. (First place woman ran a 5:14 - fast!) I was quite surprised and happy about that. Especially the $200 which will be buying me a prenatal massage. :)

And this lovely picture in the newspaper on Sunday. It must have been a slow news day, because they had an entire page spread devoted to pictures from the Dash for Cash. Lol.
Just a couple hours later was the Warrior Mode Urban Adventure. It's like a giant scavenger hunt all through the Bean Town, with checkpoints and challenges to complete along the way. We participated with a group of friends, and had a lot of fun.

Lindsey pointed out to me that I misled them because I never actually provided any cupcakes after the running. Whoops! 
Our team name was 'Will Run for Cupcakes', sponsored by Sara's Sweets of course. We covered about 7 miles around town on foot and managed to place 3rd in our division! Not too bad! 

Digging in the wet sand. I chose to observe this challenge rather than participate.

One of us had to get to the other side of this fence. Steve is so skinny, he squeezed right through. ;)

The bucket challenge - Rachel & Chris took one for the team and got soaked!

This was about 5.5 miles in... still all smiles!
My Business Man (who, if you know him... he is not much of an exerciser) couldn't believe that he basically ran and walked 7 miles and it didn't even feel like exercise. Too bad we will probably have to wait til next year for him to do that kind of distance again. ;)

After the race, I headed downtown to host a Cupcake Eating Contest at a kids' event and then close up the cupcake counter... needless to say, I was completely zonked by the end of the day. I pretty much laid on the couch for 6 hours and went to bed.

Sunday was pretty much the same - rest and relaxation. My Business Man got some nursery furniture put together while I spent some quality time at the pool. I may or may not have taken a nap in the new glider.

25 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: He is about the size of a cauliflower, anywhere from 1.5-2.5 pounds.

Sleep: Pretty good! (Fingers crossed it stays this way.)

Movement: Awesome... still my favorite part. On Sunday, he was going crazy during Sunday School right after I had a (caffeinated) iced coffee and chocolate sprinkle donut. You could even see it from the outside.

Running: About 24 miles plus 1 cross training workout. The plan for this week is to run every other day and go for walks, swim, or use the elliptical on the others. And continue to do my chiropractor exercises.

Cravings: None that I can really think of! I have been getting random whiffs of mashed potatoes so those have been sounding good, but I haven't had the energy to make them. We might have to get KFC with mashed potatoes and biscuits one night this week.

Looking forward to: Going home for a long weekend to see our families! It will be so nice to spend some QT with the grandparents-to-be... plus my mom & I have a list of foodie places back home we've been wanting to check out. Of course. :-P

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