Tuesday, August 19, 2014

27 weeks + hello 3rd trimester!

Welp, I'm officially in the third trimester. And officially feeling very pregnant. My belly feels huuuge... and everyday I wonder how it can possibly get any bigger. But I know it will... we still have 13 weeks to go! Yikes. The best part is when I'm working and I get random baking ingredients smeared all over my belly without even noticing it. Good thing I usually wear old t-shirts.

Because everybody needs to see a shot of my belly from above. Yea right.
Poppyseed has turned into such a wiggle worm this week. He is constantly moving and squirming around! I can even feel it when I wake up in the middle of the night... I'm wondering if this child ever sleeps. (Hopefully he will when he's outside my belly, or we're in for a rude awakening.)

Dressed up for a dinner out with my Business Man on Saturday night.
This week was actually a pretty low-key week... just lots of work. Sara's Sweets has been crazy busy, which is great! However it's not so great for my energy levels. 11-12 hour days on my feet really leave me zonked, and I've spent way too many evenings laid up on the couch. I just keep telling myself it's only temporary. (Because I am not ready to give up the cupcake orders! Ha.) We had a lot of fun with Shark Week cupcakes last week, and I'm doing fair-themed cupcakes this week for the county fair. (Funnel Cake, anyone!?)

Sharks took over the cupcake counter!
Running and I have been getting along pretty well this week. I've discovered that I feel the best with 3 runs a week, and then 2 days of elliptical or walking. I even ran 7 miles on Sunday! With my old running buds! It felt so good to be back out there in the morning chatting away... almost felt like my old self for an hour. My goal is to run waddle the Pumpkin Festival 10km on September 13 when I am visiting home that weekend. My college girlfriends are coming to visit as well, and we are all running it! I think I will be able to make it... it's only 3.5 weeks away. I am hoping one of them will have pity on me and run my slow pace. ;)

Still rockin' the Gabriella maternity belt for running. And also when I work the long days in the kitchen. It does wonders for my hip and back pain!

27 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: A head of cauliflower! Which is making me crave a dish my mom used to make... she would just steam a head of cauliflower in the microwave and melt several slices of American cheese over the top. I can still remember peeling off all that oozy melty cheese. Yum.

Sleep: Ehhhh. It's been better. I started having this new sensation at night, where I get this pinching/tingling feeling in both my hips, no matter what side I'm lying on. It makes it really hard to fall asleep.

Movement: Tons! Love it!

Running: 16 miles split up over 3 runs. Also, two elliptical workouts and a couple short walks.

Cravings: Nothing is really standing out. Cheese. I've been making a quesadilla with tons of cheese almost every day... hits the spot.

Looking forward to: (Not pregnancy related), but PUMPKIN! Ha. I make myself wait til Labor Day every year, but I have been wanting pumpkin food so bad! Fortunately, Labor Day is early this year.


Meghan said...

Feel ya on the pumpkin friend :)

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