Thursday, July 3, 2014

20 weeks... halfway there!

We're halfway there... hard to believe it! All is going well, or at least I feel pretty good anyway. I'm starting to feel like we need to actually start accomplishing some of the things on the 'Poppyseed To-Do List'. So far we've checked off about zero things. (Besides the whole become pregnant part. Haha.)

20 weeks wrapped up our trip with my parents and brought us back to the Bean Town just in time for a super busy cupcake-filled weekend. I had two weddings plus who knows how many other orders. Just a couple long days on my feet in a row! Thankfully my Business Man is really good about helping me out when he gets home from work... he's a master cupcake packager. And garnisher. And dishwasher. 

I love setting up weddings... there's something about seeing everything all put together. 

So pretty! Loved the yellow & grey theme.

We also had a fun ice cream social at church, completely with a homemade ice cream contest. Ben's entry - Vanilla Bean Cookies & Cream - took 2nd! We lucked out with a gift card to Tim Horton's (mmmm.... donuts. You'll understand when you read my 'cravings' below.)

Our pastor also celebrated a birthday, and I was asked to decorate a big cake for him. Sure, why not?! He's a big Alabama fan so this is what I came up with.

Of course I had to put my own special touch on the back. ;)

20 Weeks - The Facts

Poppyseed's size: the length of a banana! And I believe it!

Sleep: Not so great. One night (after a long day on my feet) my legs, groin, and lower back were so sore, I thought I was never going to fall asleep. Everything just ached. I convinced my Business Man to rub my back for awhile but it didn't really do anything. I've been getting a lot of charlie horses in the middle of the night, too, in both my calves and feet. I've also woken up super early a few days (today was 4am) unable to fall back asleep. So I just get up and start my day. Fortunately, I haven't felt too tired during the day!

Movement: Still just feeling flutters... can't wait until my Business Man can feel them, too!

Running: 34 miles with a 10-mile long run. My run group met up on Sunday, and I was so thankful to get in a double digit run! I just can't do anything more than an hour on my own... no motivation. I am running the 4th of July 5k here in the park tomorrow and am super excited! My only race of 2014, most likely. 

Cravings: Donuts, please. Chocolate frosted with sprinkles. And peanut butter. I have been absolutely loving a PB+J sandwich for lunch lately.

Looking forward to: Finding out whether Poppyseed is a boy or a girl next week! eeeeeek!


Chelsea Garcia said...

It is amazing to me that you can run an hour and 25 mins while 5 months pregnant- you go momma! :)
I used to wake up in a solid sleep to wide awake because of those leg cramps! Definitely a "rude awakening" lol. Do you have any feelings on if poppyseed is a boy or girl?
So exciting!!!
Love the cupcake set up.

Sara said...

Chelsea, it's funny, because I tried to swim for 30 minutes a few weeks ago and it was SO HARD! Running is just what my body knows how to do. I keep flip-flopping on the sex... one day I think it's going to be a girl and the next I'm convinced it's a boy! Can't wait to find out, but it makes me nervous to finally know for some reason!

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