Tuesday, June 3, 2014

16 Weeks + cupcake chaos

16 weeks down, 24 weeks (give or take a couple) to go! It's hard to believe how quickly the time is flying by.

Poppyseed is roughly the size of an avocado this week, and he/she has been treating me pretty well! I've had some tummy aches after eating large amounts of vegetables, but I think that's mostly due to a lot of fiber than anything else. Guess I'll just have to eat more carbs... :-P

[Random side story: The other morning just after we woke up, my Business Man put his hands on my belly and asks me, "How's the guacamole doing in there?" Haha. I was so confused... we had pizza for dinner the night before. Then I realized that he probably meant avocado. Now it's our little inside joke.]

I had my 16-week appointment today, so that was fun. Nothing too exciting really happens at these appointments, which I guess is a good thing! Weight, blood pressure, and then find the baby's heartbeat. It was beating a quick 160 beats/minute today... all I know is that's a good thing! We will get to find out boy or girl at our next appointment in July. Can't wait!

I haven't really been craving anything, though Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles have really been hitting the spot. I also re-discovered Noosa yogurt and can't get enough! It's Australian yogurt made in Colorado, and it's so creamy & rich. Definitely a splurge though, as it costs like $2/tub (even on sale!)

My favorite is the strawberry rhubarb.
I had my longest run yet of this pregnancy on Sunday morning - 11.5 miles. I've been surprised how good I've been feeling on these longer runs! (Shorter weekday runs are a whole different story.) 

Don't let that 7:45 pace fool you. Definitely had lots of 8:30+ miles.
I think the key factor has been that I've started off really slow and picked up the pace as the run progresses. The weather has also been very cooperative. Temps in the 50s-60s with low humidity are just about perfect. Pizza carb-loading on Saturday night might also play a factor. ;) I've decided that Saturday night is homemade pizza night this summer... my goal is to do a different homemade pizza each weekend. We'll see how long that lasts! This week was Strawberry Bacon Balsamic.

The best part? Thick-cut pepper bacon!
Meanwhile, in the cupcake world, I just finished up my highest-grossing cupcake sales month yet with Sara's Sweets! And that was with being on vacation the first six days of May. Insane! I'm looking forward to a couple slower weeks, but who knows? I keep thinking I have a slow week coming up but then the orders keep coming in. Not complaining here. :)

And one last random tidbit... I borrowed my Business Man's car on Saturday to haul cupcakes downtown (way too many to fit in my little Buick!) As I was shuffling around in the backseat, I found a really sweet Mother's Day card. Haha. I texted him a picture... BUSTED! Lol, it's the thought that counts, right? It was still really sweet to find out 2 weeks later. Now if I can just get him to sign it...


Beth Lusk said...

Sara! Congrats!!! I'm betting it's a girl. From what I'm reading you sound very similar to my pregnancy (Bebe Lainie is due in 23 days). I loved the bit about the meat...what is that about?! I went through that too, and cereal is a must! Hope all is well with you two, or three rather!!

Sara said...

Thanks Beth! I had no idea you were expecting... you are so close to the end! Congrats!

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