Thursday, January 30, 2014

Running Update

I haven't talked running much on the blog lately... heck I haven't talked much on the blog lately at all. The last big running thing I did was the Columbus Marathon back in October. I've taken the last several months very easy running-wise. Running what I want, when I want. If I don't feel like it, I don't worry about it. I've still been in the 30+ miles a week range, which might seem like a lot. (But back in the spring when I was training for Boston, I was putting in 55-60. So it's really been cut in half.)

It's really kind of funny - I am way less busy now than I was last spring. (When I was teaching + baking 80+ hours a week.) I had no problem getting motivated to run back then. I was up before 5:30am everyday of the week! Now that I'm working a much more normal amount (probably 35-45 hours, depending on the week), it's so much harder to get the runs in! I don't know if I've just come to appreciate sleep, or if it's being on my feet more all day long, but sometimes I just cannot even fathom going for a run. I even started doing some other forms of exercise! (Gasp.)

I started with Jillian Michaels. I convinced myself to do the 30 Day Shred. I lasted until about day 22, and then it was Thanksgiving and I fell off the bandwagon and ate lots of pie instead. Since then, I've just tried to do some sort of strength workout or video 3 times a week. (Which usually ends up being once a week. But that's better than nothing!)

A couple weeks ago, I decided that I'd had enough of the lackadaisical approach to running. I decided to introduce some speed again, and more consistent mileage. I'm happy to say that I have officially completed two tempo runs, and my mileage has been in the 40's these last couple weeks! Haha. My goal is to do some sort of speed workout each week. I've been trying to get a 'long run' of 10 miles or so every other week, too. 

My first day back to speedwork. 3-mile tempo on a sunny day. 

I will admit, it's been really hard to get motivated this winter to train. I used to think 25*F was cold. That would seem like a balmy spring day right now. The coldest I've gone out in was -6*F (seriously!) My running buds & I met up that morning, only because there was absolutely ZERO wind! And it wasn't really too bad.

However, a few days later, it was 7*F so we met up again, figuring if it's above zero, it's gotta be ok. Well, it happened to start snowing and blowing like crazy in the middle of that run. It was real pleasant. (The plan was to run 8-10... I think we ended up with 4.5. Ha.)

I had to take a selfie of the icicles that formed on my eyelashes & eyebrows.

So what does running look like for the spring? I have no idea. I am signed up to run the Boston Marathon again, but I don't know if I have the energy/commitment to train for 26.2 right now. Also, it falls on the Monday after Easter... so not sure if I really want to travel then. That would also probably mean closing my cupcake counter the Saturday before, which would be a pretty great day for business right before Easter. Decisions, decisions! I told myself I must decide by Valentine's Day. That'd still give me about 8 weeks to get some long runs in if I decide to go for it.

I've also thought about finding a half this spring to run... but I know I won't come anywhere close to my PR (1:27) so part of me does not even want to attempt. (I know, I know... how ridiculous!)

Or... maybe I'll just devote the spring to competitive cupcake eating... bwa ha ha...

Any thoughts on what I should do running-wise this spring? Please share!


Jen said...

Run Toledo. It's 4/27. Me & several friends are running. They have a half and a full.

Sara said...

@Jen - I would but we will be in Hawaii from April 24-May 3... I know, rough life! ;)

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