Thursday, January 16, 2014

Photo Dump

After a busy, busy holiday season, I've decided I'd like to try to get back into blogging a little more regularly. I really miss having a place to write out my thoughts, musings, and whatever's on my mind. I also really enjoy being able to look back on different times of my life... and crazy shenanigans that have occurred.

So, first post back - just a glimpse at the last month or so. 2013 was a great year, and we have so much to be thankful for.

At the beginning of December, Sara's Sweets took part in the Downtown Lima Holiday Fest. We offered cupcake decorating for kids, and it was a huge success! About 250 kids came through, wowza. It was a crazy day, but lots of fun.

The holiday season was NUTS (in a good way!) for Sara's Sweets. I baked closed to 5000 cupcakes in the month of December alone. It doesn't seem like that many, but when I remember that I do all my baking out of my home kitchen with my one oven, it seems like a ton.

Before we knew it, we were heading back to IL to spend Christmas with our families. We celebrated in the best way - with cupcakes for all! (Just kidding, I actually didn't bring any cupcakes home with me because I completely sold out on Christmas Eve. I was greeted by disappointed family members.)

It's not really a cupcake. It's a dog toy. Isn't she so cute?

We celebrated Christmas with both our families and it was really great to see everyone and catch up. 

At my Business Man's parents' house on Christmas. I'm in love with the shirt I am wearing here... it says "This is how I roll" with a rolling pin on it. From my favorite blog - Annie's Eats.

And then... my best friend got married! We lucked out that her hometown is 50 miles from my parents', so we didn't have to travel too far. I was in charge of cupcakes for the big day (surprise, surprise), and thanks to a lot of help from my mom we got them to the wedding safely.

Talen was a gorgeous bride, and the day went off without a hitch. The weather even cooperated and we were able to get some pictures taken outside. (It was just a tad chilly. Haha.)

The Fab 4 - running together since 2006.

Then we hightailed it back to the Bean Town and rang in 2014 with homemade pizza and cupcakes. I love this new pizza cutter that I got for Christmas... it's so quick and easy to use! (Though it's very sharp, which I learned the hard way.)

And what does 2014 have in store for us? Who knows?! As for right now, I am enjoying catching up on some much needed rest after a super busy Oct-Nov-Dec. I've got a bridal show at the end of January, and then the craziness will pick back up as the spring rolls around! 


Christina @ Sweet Peas Kitchen said...

Holy cow...5000 cupcakes! That's awesome! Looks like you had a great month of December! :)

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