Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boston Marathon, week #4

Why is it so much more difficult to find motivation to run during a cut-back week? It's almost like "Oh... I only have to run 45 miles this week, no long run, let's just lolli-gag around and sleep in everyday." That was basically my life last week.

No worries, I still got everything done. ;) It was a pretty easy week - medium long run of just 12 miles and then a 6-mile tempo run.

[Sidenote: Do not attempt a tempo run the morning after giving two little tubes of blood for a life insurance exam. It will be harder than usual and you won't understand why at the moment. At least that's what I'm telling myself to explain why my tempo run was so difficult.]

Since my long run was so short (marathon training definitely screws up your definition of 'long run'), I threw in some steady hill repeats at the end. I found about a quarter mile hill and just ran up & down it several times, keeping a steady pace. The weather was beautiful - 40's and sunny. What a great run.

Weekly Rundown 1.14.2013-1.20.2013
Mon - 7.8 miles easy
Tues - 5.4 miles easy
Wed - 6-mile tempo @ 6:35 avg; 8.8 miles total
Thurs - 8 miles easy
Fri - Off
Sat - 12 miles LONG w/ 4x0.25 mi hill repeats; 7:32 avg
Sun - 4.5 miles easy
Total - 46.5 miles

Other notables of the week: not much.

We went bowling. I bowled a 114.

And I created a Twix cupcake. It was bangin'.

I'm now halfway through a 60-mile week. Tomorrow is an 18 mile run. And the high is 18*F. Yikes.


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