Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boston Marathon, week #3

Last week was a great week for training - lots of easy runs, a V02-max workout, and my first long run that actually felt 'long'. The goal was to get in 50-55 miles, and I ended up with 56ish, so right on target.

Saturday's long run was glorious! Temps in the 50's in January (!) makes me a very happy runner. I headed out for 16-17 miles and ended up with almost 18. And I remembered to bring fuel! 

I tried out the blueberry-pomegranate Gu chomps, and they weren't my favorite. I ate one every 2 miles once I hit the 8-mile mark and they left a strange aftertaste. Pretty much as soon as the aftertaste went away, it would be time to eat one again. I'm thinking I will try something else next time. 

This was the week of the 8's... what a monotonous bar graph. I'll try better next week to make it a little more exciting.

Weekly Rundown 1.7.2013-1.13.2013
Mon - 8.2 miles easy
Tues - 8.3 miles easy
Wed - 4x1200m @ 4:29 (4:32, 4:31, 4:31, 4:34); 8.3 miles total
Thurs - 8.4 miles easy
Fri - Off
Sat - 17.7 miles LONG
Sun - 5.7 miles easy
Total - 56.6 miles

Feeling pretty good... but definitely looking forward to this next week for a cut-back week. Only 45 miles and a 10-12 mile long run. Perfect for the colder weather, too. 

Other highlights of the week...

I've definitely been carb loading like its my job. I forgot about how much I crave carbs when I am running harder and higher mileage. Wouldn't you think I would crave protein?

Case in point:

bbq chicken flatbread, PB BAGEL!, a gift from a student, and garlic cheesy bread. yum.

And I even forgot to snap a pic of the delicious Brown Butter Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies which were definitely the carb of choice over the weekend... will be making those again soon. Very soon.

Other exciting thing of the week? I made an appearance in the Bean Town News

I got to be the 'Weekend Chef', and talk all about my love for cupcakes and my business, Sara's Sweets. So much fun! You can see the article here if you're interested. :)

Adios, and have a great week!


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