Thursday, January 3, 2013

Boston Marathon, Week #1

Is it really time to start this whole marathon training thing again? It seems like just yesterday I was crossing the finish line to the IL Marathon. Yet that was 8+ months ago. Yikes, will life ever slow down?

As we were driving home to visit our families for Christmas, I sat in the car and wrote up a training plan for Boston. I referenced my trusty training coach, good ole' Jack Daniels, and came up with a 16-week plan. There's a good mix of tempo runs, intervals, and hills, and I'm looking forward to switching it up a bit in the next couple months. It gets a little boring running easy all the time.

I have begun to really enjoy long car rides. It's 6 hours where I don't have to do anything but sit there! And think! And read! And sleep! Love it.

It's a little more aggressive than last year's marathon training plan, but I think I'm ready. About half of the long runs actually have speedwork incorporated into them, so that should be fun! (Or it might just be the worst thing ever... I'll keep ya posted. If worse comes to worse, I'll switch them all to easy-paced long runs.)

Without further adieu... I present to you Week #1!

The plan was to put in about 50 miles, including a fartlek and a 14-mile long run. I added in the shorty tempo run because I was on the treadmill that day and I got bored. 

Weekly Rundown 12.24.2012-12.30.2012
Mon - Fartlek - 4x(3-on,4-off) w/ 'on' segments at 5k effort; 8.4 mi total
Tues - 7.3 miles easy
Wed - 4-mile tempo @ 6:37 avg; 8.1 mi total
Thurs - Off
Fri - 8 miles easy
Sat - 14.2 miles LONG (7:47 avg)
Sun - 6.5 miles easy
Total - 52.5 miles

Other highlights of the week - CHRISTMAS! We had a fabulous visit with our families. Lots  of time was spent catching up and spending some QT with both sets of parents and my Business Man's siblings.

Obligatory Christmas pic. Sadly this is the only one we took... It would have made too much sense to actually ask someone to take one of us so it wouldn't be all pixel-y from using the reverse camera.

Lots of great food, too. I didn't take too many pics but these Cappuccino Cinnamon Rolls were great running fuel.

What I would give to have one of these right now...

And now it is already January 3... and today was our first day back to school after break. No comment except "how many days 'til spring break?!"


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