Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wedding Mania

The last 8 days have been busy

2 out-of-town weddings + 2 rehearsals  + 2 rehearsal dinners + mid-week 4th of July party = exhausted Sara. Yesterday I took a day to completely recoop and I feel much better. Nothing an afternoon by the pool can't cure!

So... rewind to our first wedding weekend. My Business Man's college roommate got married up on a beautiful lake in Michigan.

It was so much fun to reunite and spend some time with his friends from college, who have become my friends as well. Love our friends' weekends! 

Love these 'ribbon dancers' we used for the send-off!

The wedding was gorgeous - the bride's attention to detail was insane! The place settings, the favors, the cake. 

Beautiful tables

Loved the linens
They had homemade strawberry jam for favors. Isn't this display the cutest? (I may have snagged 4 jars...)

My Business Man & I even got to take a little boat ride during the cocktail hour. First (and last?) boat ride of the summer!

Soakin' up the sun

The cake! And groom's cake.
We danced like maniacs for hours, it seemed. I woke up so sore the next day. Who knew that flailing your arms around like an idiot for 3 hours would make your back sore? 

With the newlyweds!

Mmmm... vanilla raspberry.

And wedding #2... my cousin's wedding! He and I grew up together, and attended rival high schools. We actually both studied math ed in college and he's a math teacher as well. It was so much fun to have the chance to be a part of his & his wife's big day! (They asked me to play piano for the ceremony.)

I don't have as many pics from this one, perhaps due to the fact that I was little busy during the wedding. :) 

Despite the hot temps, they had a sweet ceremony in a quaint little church in the countryside. I hear the music was pretty fantastic, too.

The reception rocked! A photobooth, cupcakes, and an ice cream sundae bar. Unreal... how did they know that ice cream is my favorite dessert?!

Toppings galore!
Loaded up with Reese's & hot fudge. Yum!

The cake was gorgeous as well... I love the square layers.

And the groom's cake. My cousin's played football his whole life and now he coaches at the school he teaches at.

What a great weekend spent catching up with family & friends.

Now we're back in the Bean Town for a more low key week. I'm hoping to get my fall race schedule planned out, and create a training plan of some sort! I've been going kind of crazy without a plan these last few weeks. 

My other goal - get to the pool every day. I know, life's rough. ;)


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