Thursday, July 5, 2012

Freedom 5km and Celebrating the 4th!

Yesterday was the 4th of July. You were probably aware of that, due to the numerous photo uploads of fireworks on facebook, instagram, and other social media platforms. You probably were also aware that it was HOT. (At least in the Midwest.)

We had a great day. It started out with a run, some baking happened during the middle, and we finished off by celebrating with friends.

Starting with the run... it wasn't just any run - it was the Freedom 5km! This was my 'A' race of the summer, so I was hoping to PR and run sub-18:50. But... did I mention it was hot yesterday? As in, 85*F and full sun at the 9am start? Yea. Great for racing.

The start

Anyway, I set out to run my best despite the heat. My plan was to run 6:00 miles for as long as I could. I warmed up with a 2-mile jog, some plyos & striders, and then we were ready to go!

The first mile was not too bad, just got into the groove. 5:50 split. [Side note: that might be my fastest first mile, ever.] 

The second mile started to hurt a bit more, but I still ran a 5:58 split. Way under goal-pace, so I was excited.

Then the third mile. Ohhhhhh, the third mile. At this point we were on the Riverwalk trail and just had to make it back to the park. Which seriously seemed forever away. (Funny how you can run that 1-mile stretch any other day of the week and it flies by, but in the middle of a race, it drags on for eternity.) 

My body was rebelling against the heat at this point, and it felt like it took all my energy to just put one foot in front of the other. Combined with a few roly poly hills, this mile was miserable. I ended up running a 6:28 last mile. Yikes, talk about positive splitting! Not my ideal race strategy at all.

Struggling to the finish

I finished the race in 18:55... so close to my PR! I'll admit it, I was a bit upset that I was so close. Just 5 seconds! However, after talking to several of my running buddies after the race, I realized that it was really hot & humid. Everyone I talked to was majorly affected by the heat, most people by like 30-60 seconds. This was still only my second time to break 19:00 so I am happy about that! I need to find another 5km yet this summer (hopefully with some cooler temps) so I can attempt another PR.

I ended up 2nd female overall, and 25th out of 1100+ participants. (First place girl ran 17:50... she's a beast. She also ran for Ohio State. :-P) Funny thing is, my running buddy Amy and I went for a long cool-down and totally missed the awards ceremony. Usually, it takes forever to get the awards organized, so we figured we had plenty of time. Whoops!

After the race, I hightailed it home so we could prep for our 4th of July party. We had an open house and invited pretty much everyone we know in the Bean Town. We live just a block and a half from the park, where all the fireworks and festivities are, so it's a blast!

Of course, since I have the best job in the summer (aka no job), I spent some time on some Pinterest crafts so our house would be festive. 

Pinwheel garland

Festive wreath


I also made beef burgers and turkey burgers. My Business Man did a great job grilling them.


And then the dessert. (What's a party without dessert?) I had a few cupcake orders so I whipped a few extra for the party. I was quite excited to use my Christmas gift cupcake stand for the first time!

Soft Sugar Cookies & Buckeye Cookies. (Ohhh Buckeye Cookies, my favorite in the whole world.)

The cupcakes! Confetti, Lemon, Red Velvet, and my newest flavor -  Vanilla Blueberry with Blueberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Yum!

All in all - running, cupcakes, friends... what more could a girl ask for?


Gossip Kitteh said...

Yum, everything looks delish! And the pinwheel garland is super cute!

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