Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fall Race Schedule... and that time I ran 400m's in the pouring down rain

It's that time again... time to start (seriously) training. With an actual training plan, not the go-out-and-run-whatever-you-want training plan. Fall racing season is just around the corner, and I'm looking forward to some PR's.

I've got a few summer 5k's left, and then some longer races in the fall. I decided NOT to run a full marathon this fall, and focus on speed in the half-marathon. I really want to break 1:30 for the half distance, which is definitely possible. (My PR is 1:30:14.) 

Here's my schedule. (So far.)

  • July 28 - SIDS Prevention 5km
  • August 4 - Square Fair 5km
  • September 15 - Pumpkin Fest 10km
  • October 6 - Hands for Haiti Half-marathon
  • October 7 - Octoberfest 10km
  • October 21 - Columbus Half Marathon (GOAL RACE - sub 1:30)
  • November 9-10 - RAGNAR Relay Tennessee

After consulting my BFF Jack Daniels, I designed a 13-week training plan that takes me through the Columbus Half on October 21. It's a bit more aggressive than any plan that I've done recently, and I'm excited to challenge myself and switch it up with new interval workouts. My mileage will top out at 55-60 miles a week.

Here's a quick view of what I've got on tap. I'm not fancy, so I don't know how to make nifty tables in Blogger. So you get a screen shot of my Excel document. :) If anyone would like to actually see a copy of the schedule, shoot me a comment or an email.

Since it's week #1, yesterday I had my first speed workout of the new plan. 400m's at R (repetition) pace. Which is freaking fast. I was supposed to run 10 x 400m @ 83 sec (5:32-pace!) with 400m jog recovery.

The weather was a little tricky yesterday - super humid when I woke up at 7am. I decided to wait it out a bit, and by 9am the humidity had dropped significantly. The clouds were looming, but it looked like I might just encounter a sprinkle or two. I laced up my shoes and headed out.

I intended to jog 1.5 miles to the nearest track (which is a cinder track), and run my 400m's there. However, about 10 minutes into the warm-up, the skies opened, and it started to pour. Change of plans - I decided to run back home and get my hat so I could actually see without rain pelting my eyeballs.

By then time I made it home, I'd already run 2+ miles, so I decided to run my 400m's on the road near my house where I know the 0.25 miles. (Plus, running in the pouring rain on a cinder track didn't sound too appealing anymore.)

I made it through the first few okay - 83, 83, 83, 85.

And then it went downhill. It was really pouring by now. Rep #5 was rough... the rain had got into my eyes and both my contacts went completely out of focus. I felt like I was blindly running through the streets, splashing in every puddle I came across. Seriously, I'm sure I was quite the sight.

Lovely me, soaking wet, after the run. Can't you see I'm thrilled?
I ended up completing four more intervals - 87, 84, 84, 87, finishing up with eight total intervals. Not quite the ten intervals the plan called for, but good enough for the conditions. 

Yesterday was definitely more about effort & mental persistence than anything else. Would it have been easier to switch up the workout and hit the treadmill? Sure. But pushing through the pouring rain, fuzzy contacts, and water-logged shoes made me feel like a million bucks. (Not really... but the more I train in not-perfect conditions, the more I appreciate when the weather is decent.) So even though I didn't hit my splits, I still consider the workout a success. And hopefully next week, the same workout will be a breeze!

This morning, I hit up the hills with my running group, keeping it at a recovery pace. It was a beautiful morning for a run... we finally had temps in the 60s. I'm hoping to get out for a second run this afternoon to help me hit my mileage for the week. Happy Wednesday!


Rachel said...

Good luck with your Fall goals! We'll be in Columbus to celebrate with you! You'll just have to wait an hour or so for us to finish. ;-)

aevansb said...

HAHA! "After consulting my BFF Jack Daniels..."

That took me a second to realize you meant Jack Daniels the runner, not Jack Daniels the whiskey.

I'm so not runnery.

Cortney @ Nerd on the Run said...

I'm working the Columbus Expo for the Hot Chocolate race in Columbus on Nov. 18. It would be awesome to meet you!

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