Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Gosh, summer is flying by. How have I already been off school for a month already? I've been busy doing all my favorite things - running, baking, spending time with friends & family, laying out by the pool. It's pretty much pure bliss.

Running-wise, I'm gearing up for the Freedom 5km here in the Bean Town on the 4th. Last year, I ran 20:05, but hadn't been training much. Well, I was training, but not really for speed. I think I've come pretty far since last July and am gearing up for a PR (sub-18:50). 

I've been running 1-2 speed workouts a week as well as a 10-12 mile long run. On Monday, I set out for a 5-mile tempo run at goal pace of 6:35-40 pace. I nailed it and finished with a 6:32 average (which is almost how fast I raced the 5km last year!) The best part is that I felt awesome the entire time. So I am very excited about the 5km a week from today.

Baking-wise, I've been making lots of cupcakes. Surprise, surprise. I'm actually trying to build up a little business here in the Bean Town - Sara's Sweets. If you live around here, go 'like' my facebook page! (And order some cupcakes, too. You won't regret it. Hehe.) I've got some exciting things up my sleeve that I will share soon. 

Vanilla raspberry mini's

Yesterday, I discovered a new store in the Bean Town, called Artistic Creations. Which has an entire section devoted to baking materials & cake decorating supplies. How did I not know about this place until yesterday?! They also had quite the Vera Bradley selection. I will be back... as soon as I sell some more cupcakes.

Cupcake liners galore!
And since this post couldn't get any more random, I will just share with you the huge task I have to complete today by 5pm. I've got 270 pages to read before book club tonight. Better get crackin'. Good thing today will be the perfect pool day. :) How I looooove the summertime.

Happy Wednesday!


Running Girl said...

I think running your own cupcake business is an awesome idea! And, so jealous of your summer. Both of my parents were teachers growing up, & I have such a hard time as an adult knowing that I have to work in the summer! ;-)

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