Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scott Huysman Memorial 5km

It's officially 5km season! I had high hopes of running my first 5km of the summer last weekend, but ended up with a big wedding cupcake order so I had to wait until this weekend to toe the starting line.

Yesterday I ran the Scott Huysman Memorial 5km, in conjunction with the St. Gerard parish festival here in the Bean Town. The race was slated for a 10am start time, which I first thought would be unbearable. A June race? At 10am? Talk about HOT! Fortunately for us, a rainy cold front moved in Friday and conditions were perfect for racing. About 60*F and sunny.

Me & one of my running buddies (Kristi) at the start. She rocked it out in the 5km and then went down to Columbus for a mud run that afternoon! So BA.

I didn't really have a plan for this race - just run fast. (Isn't that pretty much how all 5km's are? A dead sprint from start to finish?) It wasn't a very big race, so I settled in pretty quickly after the gun went off. I found myself in 5th or 6th place, and made it my mission to pick off as many guys as I could. 

Ready, set, GO!

The race had lots of twists & turns... I was so glad that there was a lead bike to follow, because otherwise I would have had no idea where to go. We never passed a 1-mile marker, which I thought was a little strange, but not all races have mile markers. Soon after that, we passed the 2-mile marker, and my split was a 10:55 (5:27-pace)! Outrageous. This was when I began to think something was fishy. But I kept racing.

Sprinting to the finish... thanks to my Business Man for being my personal paparazzi.

Before I knew it, we were finishing up, and I ended up crossing the line in 18:02, first female. I was happy with my performance, but had a feeling that something wasn't right. Not that it's not possible, but could I really have just PR'd by 48 seconds?! After only a few weeks of post-marathon base training. Hmmmm...

Well, it turns out the lead bike took us all the wrong way! We completely missed the first mile marker, and the course only ended up being 2.98 miles. Haha... I wonder if I will ever run a race in the Bean Town where I don't get lost or run extra. (Evidence here - the [almost] 10km.) At least this time, everyone ran a short course, and not just me. ;)

What can I say? At least I got in a good solid effort. My average pace turned out to be 6:03, which is right at my PR. It just makes me more excited for the next 5km. I'll be ready to rock & roll.

Well, I'm off to soak up my rest day in the sun... we've got a beautiful day here in the Bean Town. Happy Sunday friends!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

That would drive me crazy! It seems like you would have been on target for a PR anyway, so the next one will be it!!!

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