Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Things, round #2

Just some things... and today is Thursday. Thus, Thursday Things!

1. My birthday present from my Business Man came in the mail this week. And I am so excited... they are so comfy. And now I want a pair in every color.

2. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, if you haven't heard. Yesterday, my Seminar kids and I had a little fun decorating cupcakes for all the teachers in our school. I found this super cute printable cupcake wrapper, and then we frosted the cupcakes and covered them in red sanding sugar. A little piece of a pretzel rod and half a green candy coating disc, and we had 4 dozen miniature apples to give away!

3. Because of Teacher Appreciation Week, our principal bought us all lunch today from Lee's Chicken. Oh my... it had been almost 2 years since the last time I had eaten fried chicken. And it was bangin'. I was a little nervous to go running this afternoon because I usually have a pretty sensitive stomach, but I was juuuust fine. (Note to self: Fried chicken = good pre-run fuel.)

4. I have been to the grocery store 4 times in the last 72 hours. That's normal, right? While there, I noticed this sign by the check-out. Makes me feel like a celebrity! :-P

Check it out here!

5. It's getting to be that time of year to make the switch over to iced coffee. Last summer, I was obsessed with Green Mountain French Vanilla iced coffee. Well... move over French Vanilla because Hazelnut has taken your place. So good.

6. Due to above iced coffee addiction, I might have accumulated 4 travel mugs in my classroom at school. Which means none at home. So I kept it classy this morning with a handmade iced coffee tumbler. Crafty, right? I think it's genius.

7. I was planning these awesome Island Jerk Burgers with zesty lime coleslaw for dinner, but didn't realize that ground beef doesn't last 5 days in the fridge. Gross. So, despite being at the grocery store so much this week, we just had turkey sandwiches for dinner. But I did still make the coleslaw! (So gourmet, I know.) 

8. My running group is now running HILLS on Friday mornings. I really don't like running hills and don't want to go tomorrow. But I just realized today that my 15km in June is super hilly (like 6 huge steep climbs) so I suppose I will make myself go. At least I'll get to see people??

9. My mom & dad are coming to visit this weekend. And I am SO EXCITED! On Saturday, my mom & I are having a girly day and going shopping down in Columbus. And perhaps Cheesecake Factory. And definitely Trader Joe's. While the boys stay home and work on the house. Bwa haha...

Me & Mom
10. Oh... and just 11 more days of school! yea baby!

TGI(A)F!! :)

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Have Your Way said...

I LOVE my TOMS!!! I have two pairs!!! How CUTE are your cupcakes!!! I subbed for a Math teacher on Monday and I give you MAD props for handling math!!! WHOO for summer almost being here :)

Running Girl said...

Love the way you think - taking off with your mom & leaving the boys to do the work. Smart girl. :-)

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