Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet me at the track... it's goin' down

Mile repeats are goin' down, that is.

Mile repeats are hard for me... I've had 4x1600m on the schedule every other week this whole training cycle. And I haven't completed it once. Usually I stop after 3 intervals, and one time I even did 800s instead of 1600s.

But not today! I headed out to my school's track so I could have as much consistency as possible. And I nailed it! 4x1600m with 800m jog with a goal pace of 6:20-6:24. I ran my 1600s at 6:17, 6:19, 6:17, and 6:15 with two laps of easy jogging in between each. And I felt awesome.

Happy after a great interval workout.
There was a pretty bad headwind on the homestretch, so finishing strong was definitely a challenge. The last repeat was tough, but not unbearable. Probably exactly how the last rep of an interval workout should feel. (Like I could squeak out one more if I really wanted to, but really glad that I don't have to.)

And now comes the funny part of the story. Like I said, I was running at my high school's track. Usually the track team would be practicing but they had an away meet. So I got in (gates were open), started my workout, and finished my workout. I started my cool-down jog to my car which was way on the other side of the school, and realized I was trapped inside the football stadium. Trapped! The gates were all locked!

I guess while I was running, a janitor or groundskeeper had come and locked the facility up for the night! (Since the track team wasn't there.) So either I could camp out overnight in the stadium, or climb the fence. The tall fence with pokies at the top. 

Yes, it was like over 6 feet tall. 
You can probably guess where this is going. Yes, I climbed the fence. No, it wasn't pretty. Let's just say I wasn't a high jumper for a reason. At least I only suffered one battle wound. 

Nice lil' scrape on my hand.
The funniest part is that there was a small child riding his bike on the riverwalk path right near the stadium watching me the whole time. Probably thinking I'm some sort of criminal who had broken in. I just wanted to tell him, "I'm a teacher! It's okay! I'm not doing anything bad!" Anyways... everything worked out and I safely made it to my car and home again. Ahhh, the adventures of running.

In other news, my latest post is up over at Rays Supermarkets. Hawaiian Wedding Cake! It's the perfect Easter dessert. Moist pineapple-banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Yum! Go get baking! :)


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