Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last Friday Night... [Adventures in Traveling]

Last Friday night, my Business Man and I started the journey home to visit our families for Easter. It's about 390 miles, and usually takes about 6 hours. No big deal.

Well, usually, it's no big deal.

Until we hit traffic about 120 miles from the Bean Town. And sat there. And sat there. And sat there some more. We moved 2.5 miles in 2.5 hours. No joke. We had one opportunity to make an [illegal] U-turn about 20 minutes in, but we thought that it would certainly clear up soon. Hmmmph.

Now, I wasn't too upset at first, because I was busy reading my book for book club next week. That is, until it had been multiple hours, and I started to get hungry. Like Iran21milesthismorningandcanonlyeatsomanyReeseseggs hungry. Yes... the one time I didn't pack a cooler full of snacks is the time we get stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours. Let's just say I wasn't the most pleasant person to be in a car with.

Finally, we made it up to another [illegal] U-turn spot, and I told my Business Man we were turning around and finding another way, or else. (Or else, what? Who knows!)

So, we turned around, got off at the closest exit, and took some country roads to the nearest restaurant. 

Where did we end up? A lil' place called Pizza King.

We were a little unsure of the place from the parking lot, but I saw food, and that's all that mattered. 

We went in, seated ourselves, and were instructed to place our order via the telephone at our table. Interesting.

Pretty retro.

"Yes, I would like one of everything, please and thank you."
It was actually pretty fun. All the waitresses had to be at least grandma-aged; they were pretty cute. And the pizza was pretty darn delicious.

Cut into squares, just the way I like it. Perfect for having "just one more little piece."

After filling our bellies (and finally taming the hunger beast), we got back on the road and safely made it home... turning our typical 6-hour drive into a 9.5-hour drive. Oh, well, such is life.

Question: Does anybody have any crazy road trip stories?

In other news... my latest recipe post is up at the Rays Supermarkets blog! Click on over to find a recipe for Glazed Strawberry Fruit Salad. It's one of my favorites this time of year!


Alissa said...

I remember once we sat in traffic forever (it was summer and it was HOT!) I think I was about 7. We were with my grandparents. They were driving us back home. After we sat in traffic forever, then their car broke down. I think the 4 hour drive took all day (it was quite a dramatic story in my 7 year old brain). It was before the day of cell phones, so I think my parents were worried.

Whitny said...

Haha this is too funny! Wes has learned to pack snacks whenever picking me up from place long trips Ect in fear of the hunger beast!

Talen said...

This post literally had me laughing out loud. I especially enjoy the picture of you ordering your food on the phone.

I also wanted to attempt to make glazed fruit salad at some point, so I am glad you posted this! Yay!

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