Sunday, April 22, 2012

IL Marathon, week #15

Getting closer! 6 days to go until the marathon.

This was my second week of taper and I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting antsy. I just wanna RUN this race already!

I wanted to get in around 35 miles, but got in 40. My only 'speed' workout was a 5 mile GMP run on Wednesday, in which I averaged 7:24 pace. It felt pretty easy, which is a good thing. 

I gotta say... it's pretty crazy when your 'long run' of 9 miles seems like nothing. 

Weekly Rundown 4/16/2012-4/22/2012
Mon - 5.5 miles easy
Tues - 7.7 miles easy
Wed - 5 miles @ GMP (7:24 avg); 7.3 miles total
Thurs - 5.4 miles easy
Fri - 5.5 miles easy
Sat - 9.1 miles LONG plus 4 striders
Total - 40.5 miles

This week, it's all about rest. Which is hard. Well, not hard running-wise, just hard mentally. But it will totally be worth it! I'll definitely be popping in with a Goals post, once I have my mind wrapped around it.


Other notables of the weekend...

My Business Man & I finally saw Hunger Games Friday night, and loved it. I read the book last weekend and needed a few days to process before seeing the movie. Now I need to get my hands on book #2.

Yesterday, I made cookies. Not just any cookies. Turtle Cookies. I took my favorite Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and added chopped Ghiradelli milk chocolate caramels and pecans. Oh my... these were fabulous.

This afternoon, after church, my Business Man took me to BWW's for lunch. Swoon. 

Rockin' a new haircut as well.

Why are you so tasty?
That menu doesn't lie - "So many sauces..." that I forgot that I usually order mild, not medium like I did today. My mouth was on fire!! Good thing our waitress brought enough ranch so that I could use half a cup per wing. I'm sure my arteries are loving this meal. (No worries... I did have some fruits and vegetables in my other meals for the day.)

Well, that's it for now! Off to go put sheets on the bed and do other exciting grown-up things. Happy running! Or resting if you're in taper! :-D


Running Girl said...

I was hoping you would have a cookie recipe up today. Yum. :-)

Super cute hair cut, & enjoy your taper!

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