Sunday, April 15, 2012

IL Marathon, week #14

First week of taper, done.

Not much was different about this week - just a cut-back in overall miles for the week (48 for the week) and a shorter long run.

I got in a solid 6-mile tempo run on Tuesday, averaged 6:40 pace. I actually almost look forward to tempo runs now, which is something that's never happened before. 

My other big workout of the week was my long run, 14 miles with the last 3-4 miles at GMP. I decided to tackle this run alone, because as much as I love running with my running buddies, they won't be at the marathon! Mentally, I needed to do a tough long run on my own so that I know I can do it come race day.

I ran a big 10-mile loop back to our house, so I could do my GMP miles on my usual tempo route where I know the mile markers. I hoped to hit 7:27 pace, as that would put me right at 3:15 for the marathon. (Which I know there is a pace group for.)

After my 10-mile warm-up (hehe... 10 miles... as a warm-up? have I gone mad?), I picked up the pace straight into GMP. It was a little tough the first mile or so, but then I settled in and actually had to slow myself down. I hit 7:20, 7:15, 7:20, and 7:13 for those last 4 miles. It was tough, but totally do-able. I was not completely fatigued or worn out at the end; I felt like I could keep going. I think that's the point of the workout! A lil' confidence booster.

Weekly Rundown 4/9/2012-4/15/2012
Mon - 7.2 miles easy
Tues - 6-mile tempo @ 6:40 avg; 8.3 miles total 
Wed - 6.4 miles easy
Thurs - Rest
Fri - 7.3 miles easy
Sat - 14.5 miles LONG; last 4 @ GMP (7:17 avg)
Sun - 4.2 miles easy
Total - 47.9 miles

So I'm feeling great! Ready to head into week #2 of the taper... hoping to get in about 35 miles total. As for speed, I might do an 800m workout, or I might just try to get in some more GMP miles. I'd like to nail that pace down so it's muscle memory.

13 days to go! Happy running all!


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