Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Things

Just some things... and today is Thursday. Thus, Thursday Things.

1.     I woke up at 4:45am this morning and could not fall back asleep. I wasn't planning on a morning run, but when I was still awake at 5:10am, I figured why not? 8.4 miles in before 6:30am... not too often that happens on a weekday. Or any day as a matter of fact.

2.     Last night I baked 8 dozen mini cupcakes, three different flavors. Mini cupcakes are so cute... my favorite was the mini version of my Monster Cookie Cupcake. I challenged my Business Man to take one down in just one bite (absolutely delicious!) but he wouldn't partake. Such a party pooper.

My dining room table last night. Multi-tasking at its finest - Facebook-ing and frosting cupcakes.

3.     Speaking of my Business Man, the night before last night I was making these Tiramisu Cupcakes. (What can I say? It's been a cupcake type of week.) The base of tiramisu is sponge cake. He absolutely loved the batter, as in ate multiple spoonfuls of it while I was scooping it into the cupcake tins. Don't worry... he got a new spoon each time. Which means that all of our spoons are now dirty in the dishwasher but the rest of our dishes are clean. Such is life.

With mascarpone whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder. It's the real deal. 
Anyway, after the cupcakes were finished baking, brushed with the Kahlua-coffee mixture, and frosted, he had a taste of the finished dessert. His verdict? "It's kinda weird... it's like really spongey!" Umm, dear? It's sponge cake. Sigh.

4.     Still speaking of my Business Man, he absolutely cracks me up sometimes. We were in the car on Saturday, and he asked me a simple math question. "What's 20 times 40? That's gotta be like 2000 or something, right?" Ohhhhh honey. Good thing you married a math teacher. 

5.     Now that we're talking about math, can I just say that I am very excited because we have reached my FAVORITE Algebra 2 unit!?! It has my two favorite F-words - FOIL and factoring. Factoring is just so much fun. Especially when we get to watch this video.

And yes, I have tried to dougie before. And no, it wasn't pretty.

6.     My parents are on vacation this week and I am majorly jealous. It doesn't help that my mom texted me this photo of her lunch today. Just the best fries on the planet. Gee thanks, Mom. Not that I didn't absolutely love my lunch of a Clif bar, yogurt, apple, & string cheese because I forgot to pack my lunch last night.

Crinkle cut's the only way to go.
7.    At least I made up for my sub-par lunch with an awesome dinner. Girls' night at La Charreada's. Yummmmmm. I might have started carb-loading 30 days early for the marathon with the amount of chips & salsa I consumed. 

8.     One last thing - 5 more school days until spring break errr... spring weekend! We just have a long weekend at Easter this year instead of taking a whole week off. I'm not complaining, because that means we're out for summer before Memorial Day.

TGI(A)F!!! :-D

And I almost forgot! My latest post is up over at the Rays Market Blog. It's my absolute favorite pizza (this month) -  Thai Chicken Pizza... go check it out, you know you want to! :)


Alissa said...

hahaha - Theresa mentioned factoring must be that time of year in the high school math world. Yes, 20 times 40 is like 2000 - Business Man cracks me up. Miss you guys!

Alissa said...

Okay, I just watched the video. Oh man. I miss America! I am now watching the other videos. Thank you for filling in my desk-warming hours with enjoyment :)

Birdie Ink. said...

Oh wow... Monster cookie cupcakes, Tiramisu cupcakes, THAI CHICKEN PIZZA!!! Subscribing to the blog is like finding the Holy Grail! I'm impressed - keep it up, girl!
Side note: no WONDER you run marathons! I'll have too as well as this friendship and my cooking skill progresses!!

Sara said...

@Alissa - happy to be able to do so!! Aren't you jut on the edge of your seat to get back to a math classroom in America?? Haha

@Emily - thank you! Yes... you will find that cupcakes are frequently present at friends gatherings. :)

Running Girl said...

Can't believe you're out by Memorial Day! School is going until 6/22 here, and we got a one day waiver for one of our snow days. I think in the Pacific Northwest, we need the spring break & winter breaks to mix up the solid months of rain. :-)

And, you are such a tease with all of the fabulous baked goods - you need to do a cupcake giveaway!!!

nomnomeatingbooksforbreakfast said...

Is Factoring really your favorite?

This is noted for when I experience the joy that is Algebra 2 Honors next year *cues scary music*

(I am sure it will be better than Geometry! I do like Algebra. Alg2Honors is just supposed to be a really hard class)

I am now craving your monster cookie cupcakes. And I don't even *gasp* like peanut butter.

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