Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quite the day and Thin Mint Cupcakes

What. A. Day. I mentioned in Sunday's post that we had a bomb threat last Wednesday.

Guess what we had again today? A bomb threat. Another evacuation of the building. (This time to the bus garage 2 blocks away. Not so cozy as the Civic Center.) Another attempt to keep 1000+ kids calm & quiet while the administration figured out what to do with them. 

This one was even more serious (do bomb threats have a scale of seriousness?) because today is Super Tuesday! and our school was a polling location. The FBI was called in... whoever did this is in big trouble. But the good news - we are all safe! No one was injured; the building was safely evacuated, and nothing blew up. 

So what does a girl do after a stressful morning like that? Baking therapy.

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Oh yes. I am fortunate that my Business Man was able to come pick me up once we were released and was able to bring me home. Well, not before we stopped at the grocery store for some baking supplies. And toilet paper. (We were going on our 2nd day of no TP in the house. Not a good thing. At all.)

I tackled a cupcake recipe that has been on my radar since a few weeks ago when one of my teacher-friends brought them into school... Thin Mint Cupcakes! I love chatting it up with this friend because she and I read the same foodie blogs, and no one else ever really knows what we are talking about. Heh.

Anyways, these cupcakes are insane - a thin mint cookie on the bottom, chocolate cake base, and stuffed with a thin mint truffle. Topped with a cool creme de menthe cream cheese frosting. 

These are absolutely delicious. It's like taking my absolute favorite chocolate cake recipe to another level. What could be better than cookies & cake, together? So hurry up and find yourselves some Thin Mints before the Girl Scouts sell out! (If you're really in dire straights, and can't find any Thin Mints, then Keebler Grasshopper cookies will do... or you know if you want to make these in the months of April-January, when GS cookies aren't readily available.)

If you're having trouble finding creme de menthe syrup, look in the ice cream toppings section of your grocery store. I would never want to pour this stuff over ice cream (it's a bit strong), but apparently some people do?


Alissa said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaa - these look amazing. We had a bomb threat once when I was in high school, but we had to go back inside afterwards...no day off for us :) Glad you had some good baking therapy. I am going to go look and see if I can order GS cookies on-line hehehehe

Have Your Way said...

those look SOO good! O my goodness! That is crazy!! Glad everyone is okay though!!

Sara said...

Alissa - if you want I can buy a box or two and stick them in the freezer until August! Let me know!

Alissa said...

I just read this comment. UM YES, feel free to buy anything American and put it in the freezer for us :)

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