Saturday, March 10, 2012

Life in the Boot

Sooooo... this week has been interesting to say the least. Hobbling around in my boot at school has been such fun. 

The funniest moment of the week at school happened when we were evacuating the building on Tuesday to the bus garage about 2.5 blocks away. Quote from a student: "Mrs. A! If you're having trouble walking, I can totally carry you! You sure you don't need a lift?" And I just laughed. And one of the girls in my class got onto him... "Ewww, why would she want you to carry her? She can walk just fine! And even if she couldn't... she'd probably make it work somehow!" So to said student - Thanks, but no thanks. I'll manage

But other than that - the boot has been treating me well. My foot pain is almost *completely* gone, which is fabulous! I have been able to run the past few days, pain-free. I've still been icing like crazy, which helps a lot.

My parents are visiting this weekend (woo hoo!), but you know what that means - house projects. Haha. We My dad & my Business Man are working on painting some of our cabinets and a few little projects in our upstairs bathroom. My mom & I will be the food-providers and mess cleaner-uppers. 

We did have a little fun in the kitchen last night with a batch of my favorite Monster Cookie Cupcakes. Sooo good, these have officially moved up into my #1 cupcake slot.

We also tried a new recipe for Fontina Mushroom Pizza, which has been on my "to-make ASAP" list for over a month. My Business Man despises mushrooms, so I had to wait until I had daring guests here for dinner who were willing to eat fungi. The pizza was a little hands-on (i.e. complicated) but turned out so great! It starts with a from-scratch mushroom pesto sauce with roasted garlic, and then is loaded with sauteed mushrooms, and fontina and parmesan cheese. The pesto sauce alone was worth the effort.

This picture does it no justice. I wasn't in a "food-photo" taking mood. I was in a "get-this-pizza-in-my-belly-as-soon-as-possible" type mood.
This afternoon, we'll be spending a bit of time outside! Today is the BBO 4-mile in Columbus Grove. Last year was the first year I ran it, and it was loads of fun, albeit super windy. (Like so windy my second mile was a minute slower than my first. Yikes!) My finish time last year was 27:07, and I'm pretty positive that I can beat that for sure.

I would loooove to beat my 4-mile PR, 25:16, but that was run on an all downhill course... so today might prove a bit more challenging. My plan is to try to hit 6:15 miles, so we'll see how it goes! It'll be a beautiful day for running in northwest Ohio, high of 50*F and winds only at 10-15mph. And the sun is shining! :)

I will leave you with this pic of my parents' cutie patootie dog, Maggie. Whenever she comes here she spends hours staring out the front window. It's like she's never seen a front yard before or something. Or maybe the Bean Town is just that much cooler than where she lives. That's probably it.


Rachel said...

Best of luck at the BBO! Mom and I were going to run it, but then decided to pass. :)

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