Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's practically summer out there

So today totally felt like summer. Besides that whole I-had-to-work-today thing. No worries guys... only 50 days of school until sweet, sweet summer. Not that I'm counting.

Seriously! Today was 72*F and sunny! I met a friend to run this morning, and we had an awesome run. But then the weather was just perfect after school so I had to head out again. First double in quite some time... college perhaps? (We used to do 2-a-days every Tuesday & Thursday.)

We even broke out the grill tonight... and grilled up some BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. Another twist on a classic.

Charred to perfection.

Just some grilled chicken breast, monterey jack cheese, Sweet Baby Ray's, and leftover caramelized onions. And a bit of cilantro. YUM!

I'm thinking we'll have another variation on these 'dillas tomorrow night... buffalo chicken, perhaps? 

In other news, can anyone guess what important holiday is tomorrow?! Hint hint - I'll be celebrating with some of this.

And finally, I will leave you with a self-portrait showing off my t-shirt from the BBO this past weekend. This might be the only time I get to wear it. My Business Man loves to 'borrow' my t-shirts and then I never seem to get them back.

"DON'T BE LAST" - hah, but somebody has to be!
Gotta go finalize some preparations for the festivities in my classroom tomorrow! :) It'll be a fun day!


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