Sunday, March 11, 2012

BBO 4-mile 2012

Yesterday afternoon, I raced the BBO 4-miler in a nearby little town. It was a beautiful day for a race - 50*F and sunny. Can't get much better than that in early March.

I ran this race last year, and it was outrageously windy. Like enough to make you feel like you were running in place. This year, it wasn't as bad.

I had a lofty goal of PRing (25:16) in this race, but wasn't sure it would happen. My PR was run on an all downhill course, and although this course was completely flat, flat is still harder than downhill! 

Sporting the pink & black attire. And looking like a fool with a silly pose. So glamorous.
I warmed up with a couple easy miles, did a few drills, and a couple stride-outs. There was no chip timing, so I made sure to line up right at the front with all the boys. I'd like to think I intimidated them with my pink shoes, but I'm pretty sure it was probably the other way around. Heh. 

When the gun went off, it seemed like the entire crowd took off like a bat out of hell! It took a few minutes to settle into what felt like a maintainable pace. The first mile seemed to drag out forever, and I finally went through the mile split in 5:58. (What?! That's faster than my 5km pace!)

The second mile went by a lot faster, though the split was actually quite a bit slower - 6:22. I finally settled into a groove. During the second mile, we turned around and got to pass all the remaining runners in the race... it was fun to be able to encourage a few runner friends on the out & back!

I was running pretty closely with a high school boy for most of the third mile, and might have used him a bit for drafting purposes. (A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!) Third mile split - 6:21. Pretty consistent with mile #2.

I knew mile 4 would be rough, just because running a 4-mile race is like racing a 5km that never ends. Also, the last turn took us directly into the wind for last 3/4 mile. No big deal, right?

Ummm... yea. You can definitely tell this is close to the finish. "Am I done YET?!?!"
I was hurtin' for certain that last 3/4 mile, but just kept telling myself, "Less than 5 minutes of running left... less than 4 minutes of running left..." until I got to the finish. Last mile split was 6:20, with a 25:01 overall time.

Am I happy? ECSTATIC! A 15 second PR makes this girl happy any day. Do I wish I could have run 2 seconds faster and broken 25:00? Yes... but oh well.

I was the 28th person (of 490) to cross the line, and first female. After chatting it up and cheering in a few friends, I got my hands on my hobo stew. Somehow I missed this stuff last year. It was so good! Totally hit the spot.

All runners get a bowl of hobo stew. No... my Business Man did not run. He bought a bowl for a dollar. 

They make it in these huge pots over a fire. Who knows what they put in it?! It had potatoes, peas, corn, some sort of meat. It was gooood!

Oh, and my award? Well, it is the Beer Bottle Open, so I present you with...

... my new favorite beer stein. Definitely going on the mantle for the next couple weeks. You think I could fill it with Diet Dew??

And that, my friends, is my recap of the BBO 2012. Fun was had by all. Thanks to my Business Man and mom & dad for coming along and to Jim, Don, Amy, & Kristi for cheering me on. :-D 


Have Your Way said...

WHOO!! Congrats!! That is quite a drinking cup if you ask me! haha I think you can drink diet dew out of that! haha I give you permission!!

Talen said...

The classic Sara face at the end of a race always makes me laugh!

Oh, and you are a stud!

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