Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Notes from today's long run

Many awesome things happened today.

First, I received a special package in the mail from a giveaway I won at meals & moves... four bags of Nature's Path granola! I am so excited. There is even a chocolatey flavor. I cannot wait for breakfast.

Second, I ran my long run this afternoon. OUTSIDE! The goal was 16-18 miles.

Here are some observations:

  • Getting ready to run, I couldn't find my iPod anywhere. (Don't tell my Business Man. I'm hoping it will turn up somewhere.) So, I decided to take my phone with me and listen to Pandora. Which is pretty much the best thing ever. The only down side is that I had to carry my phone. But then! I realized I had facebook access and email access at my fingertips for the whole run. And camera access. Hmmm......
  • It was 48*F today! And sunny! And so I wore shorts outside and it was so liberating.
  • About 2 miles into the run, I encountered a nice little lady on a scooter. She was driving up behind me (going much faster than me), but then drove right next to me for a good 50 meters or so. Then proceeded to inform me that I was running 6 miles/hour. I kindly thanked her for that nugget of information as she sped off and then thought to myself, "6 mph?! I better be going faster than 6 mph!" Haha... definitely one of the highlights of the run.
And yes, I proceeded to take a picture of nice little lady on the scooter. Good thing I had my phone! Ha!
  • Long runs go by really fast when you convince one of your running friends to join you for the middle 7 miles. Thanks to Amy for making this run super fun!
  • I may have found my new mid-run fuel. I had been eating sports beans, but figured that they were basically candy. So I brought along a stash of Reese's Pieces that I found in my desk at school. Basically the best thing ever. I'm sure that the people driving by watching me pop Reese's Pieces into my mouth while running thought I was a nutcase. 
  • The run was followed by one of my favorite meals - breakfast for dinner. BFD tonight consisted of cheesy scrambled eggs and lemon poppyseed muffins. Let's just say this pan of muffins had no hope between me & my Business Man. (Let's hope there's no drug testing tomorrow at school... :-o)
From Annie's Eats... so good.
  • Oh, and stats for the run - 18.3 miles, 2:25:12, 7:56 average. Feeeeeeeeelin' great! Happy running all!


Alissa said...

It is funny to me that you never take your phone with you when you run. Ian does not let me leave the house without mine. And I, too, have been passed by people on scooters, except they are on the road WITH traffic...it always freaks me out. And they just stare at me and say things in Korean! Yeah for 18 miles!

aevansb said...

Hilarious about the scooter lady. I take my iPhone on every run. mostly because I like to stream pandora too (and it IS my iPod these days). I also use the Nike + GPS to track my run. I got an arm band that holds my phone. Works great. Good for you for 18 miles!!!

Have Your Way said...

That is funny about the scooter lady. I think if I run outside soon I will take my phone. I usually just run with my MP3 player, but now I think I should take my phone. Great job on the 18 miles!! Jealous of your little granola stash!!

Running Girl said...

Loving the scooter lady. And, I've been dying to try that chocolate granola - tell us how you like it.

NICE work on your run!!!

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