Monday, February 20, 2012

IL Marathon, weeks #5 & #6

I guess this is the new trend, to recap two weeks at once, haha. 

Two weeks ago... was supposed to be a cut-back week. But it wasn't. 

I ran six days for a total of 54 miles, including a 19.2 mile long run and a 6-mile tempo (6:42 avg). I felt super strong this week, which is great.

It was really cold this week... and I ventured outside several times which is rare for me when it's under 15*F. It definitely helps when you have friends to run with!

Weekly Rundown 2.6.2012-2.12.2012
Mon - Rest
Tues - 7.5 miles easy
Wed - 
6-mile tempo run @ 6:42 avg; 8.5 miles total
Thurs - 6.6 miles easy
Fri - 19.2 miles LONG (7:57 avg)
Sat - 4.3 miles recovery
Sun - 8.1 miles easy
Total - 54.2 miles

And then last week... was a cut-back week for sure. I intended to run 45 miles but only squeezed in 41. I had a good 8x800m workout on Thursday and a 15 mile long run on Friday.

After the long run Friday, I felt a little bit of pain on my outer right foot but didn't really think anything of it. About 10 minutes into my easy run Saturday morning, a sharp pain appeared and didn't go away. Needless to say, I cut Saturday's run short and skipped Sunday's run. After some Google diagnosing, I think it might be a slight case of tendinitis... so I've been icing like it's my job and taking some ibuprofen to help with the inflammation. Already it is feeling a lot better (aka I was able to run today)... so hopefully I'll be good to go after a few more days of ice and recovery.

Weekly Rundow 2.13.2012-2.19.2012
Mon - 5.3 miles easy
Tues - 9 miles easy (SNOW DAY!)
Wed - Rest
Thurs - 8x800m w/ 400m jog (avg 3:07); 8.3 miles total 
Fri - 15.3 miles LONG (7:58 avg)
Sat - 3.3 miles easy
Sun - Rest
Total - 41.3 miles

This week is looking like a 50-55 mile week, with a 6-mile tempo and my first 20 mile long run of the training cycle. Fun fun!

Happy running!

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Ali Mc said...

wow Sara truth be told I stalk you on DM and noticed all your long longs you are an inspiration!

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