Monday, February 6, 2012

IL Marathon, weeks #3 & #4

Hmmm... somehow I forgot to recap week #3 of training for the IL Marathon. Whoops! I'll just do the last 2 weeks together.

Let's think back to two weeks ago...

The exciting thing of the week was definitely the new pair of shoes. Oh, and the lovely cold I had. Glad that's finally gone.

Weekly Rundown 1.23.2012-1.29.2012
Mon - 6-mile tempo run @ 6:47 avg; 8.5 miles total
Tues - 7.3 miles w/ 5 x 1/2-mile hills in the park
Wed - 7.3 miles easy outside
Thurs - 5.3 miles easy
Fri - 17 miles LONG (8:07 avg)
Sat - Rest
Sun - 6.6 miles easy
Total - 52 miles

And this past week... every single run was outside! For me, in February, that is very rare. But the temps have been so mild! It was lovely.

The biggest highlight of this week was most definitely the 5km PR that I ran on Saturday. I can still hardly believe it.

Weekly Rundown 1.30.2012-2.5.2012
Mon - 7.6 miles easy
Tues - 3x1-mile w/ 1/2 mile jog (6:16, 6:16, 6:24); 8.3 miles total
Wed - 9.3 miles easy (got locked out of the house)
Thurs - Rest
Fri - 5.5 miles easy w/ strides
Sat - 18:50 5km PR!!! 7.4 miles total
Sun - 16.7 miles LONG (8:07 avg)
Total - 54.8 miles

So what's next? Well, after three 50+ mile weeks, it's definitely a cut-back week! I'm looking to hit about 45 miles this week, with an 18-20 mile long run. I'm also dreading looking forward to a 6-mile tempo run, hopefully outside and not on the treadmill. 

Today was a rest day because running long the day after a 5km race is not all that much fun. Thankfully, I had a friend run the first 9 miles with me, so I only had to manage an hour or so of running on my own. But, those last few miles were a little rough. It didn't help that my left hand went completely numb. Ahhh... such is winter running. I'm just glad I got it in.

That's all for now, happy running! Or resting today... in my case. :)


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