Sunday, February 26, 2012

IL Marathon, week #7

Highest mileage training week so far, check!

I've been dealing with a bit of foot pain this week (on the side of my foot). It's very strange - it hurts right when I wake up, for the first 2 or so hours of the day. And then the pain completely wears away. By noon I don't feel anything! So I have been running in the afternoons most days. On Saturday I ran in the morning around 9am, and definitely felt pain, but it went away about 20 minutes into the run. 

Other than that, training has been going AWESOME! I actually got in three quality sessions this week - a 9 mile GMP run, my first 20 mile long run, and a 4-mile tempo, with 58 miles total.

Last week, I was lacking motivation, but this week I was on fire and ready to run each and every day. Even today, which was my rest day. (Which is unusual... typically when I rest, I rest. As in sit my bum on the couch all day.) Instead my Business Man & I took a beautiful walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the sunny 40*+ temps.

Weekly Rundown 2.20.2012-2.26.2012
Mon - 9.3 miles @ 7:30 GMP; 12.3 miles total
Tues -6.2 miles easy
Wed - 
20.2 miles LONG (7:56 avg)
Thurs - 4.3 miles easy/recovery
Fri - 4-mile tempo @ 6:45 avg; 8 miles total
Sat - 7.5 miles easy
Sun - Rest
Total - 58.5 miles

Excitements of the week?

First pedicure in over 18 months... gosh it felt so good. 

And... Girl Scout cookies. Guess which box is entirely gone already?

Next week is a pretty typical training week - intervals and a 16-18 mile long run. Wheeee! I'll be out of town next weekend so I will have to do my long run on a weekday... hoping for some beautiful weather! (Either that, or awful weather so we can have snow days, hehe...)


Steve Finnell said...

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Ali Mc said...

you are sooooo fast :) I can't believe you can run 20miles at that pace. I wish! great training Sara!

Sara said...

thanks Ali! I hope you get to figuring out what's going on with your hip SOON! It's gotta be rough!

Running Girl said...

Holy smokes on the fast 20 mile run! I was so proud doing my hills workout at 10:30/mile today. ;-)

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