Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A few randoms...

This week has been BUSY! 

Yesterday I had an afternoon training meeting for school from 12-3pm. Best part about it? It didn't start until 12pm and my sub came in at 11:15am... which meant I got to eat lunch at home! It felt so weird to be home during the day.

Our training was 'Active-killer' training... aka what to do if someone comes into school with clear intents of violence and killing. Fun. It was actually really neat to learn what should be done... so often we think "Just be quiet and hide!", where we really should be getting the heck outta there, even if it means dropping from a second story window. 

Of course the training had to be on the one day of the week that my Business Man was in Kentucky overnight for a meeting. I checked that my doors were locked multiple times last night before I went to bed.


Today we had a bake sale in my Seminar class (basically a homeroom that meets once a week.) I've got mostly girls so we decided to host a Valentine's Bake Sale to raise money for the local food bank. We had a lot of fun, and most importantly, raised over $100 for those in need!

So cute for Valentine's Day! One of the girls made strawberry cupcakes, and packaged them in party punch cups wrapped in saran wrap. So clever!

And that's why I'm not an English/spelling teacher. Just kidding... one of my students wrote that on the board.

Due to said bake sale, I also spent four hours last night baking and wrapping up baked goods. 3 pans of rice krispy treats, 7 dozen m&m cookies, and 4 batches of puppy chow, no problem. Lots of fun. I'm sure my Business Man was glad he was in Kentucky.


I was wandering through Wal-mart yesterday afternoon, searching for my beloved Honey Nut Shredded Wheat cereal because I can't seem to find it anywhere (not at Ray's or Meijer), when I discovered these gems.

Cotton candy, cinnamon roll, cherry vanilla, bubble gum... don't those all sound so appetizing?
Insta-flavor frosting? Apparently you stir one of these little packets into your can of storebought frosting and have gourmet frosting. Hmmm... I was intrigued. Pretty sure they were free, too, there was no price. I think they're hoping you actually buy the frosting, too. I might have to go back and investigate.


This afternoon, I ran my tempo run. On the treadmill. Which wasn't so bad. My goal was 6 miles at 6:45 pace. Totally dominated. 

Splits - 6:50, 6:42, 6:42, 6:42, 6:41, 6:35. 

Average pace - 6:42.

Like I said, a few randoms. My life is random sometimes. 

Happy Wednesday!


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