Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things I'm Lovin', round #3

Reasons Why I'm Happy Today

1. Today we started our second semester at school. Because we are on block schedule, that means we get new classes every semester. And, I have actually taught all the classes I am teaching this semester before, which means I have the majority of my lessons planned out already! Woot woot! If you're a teacher you know how nice that is. If you're not... just imagine your workload being cut in half. 

2. I was picking up some groceries at Meijer today and stumbled across this beautiful display. It took all that I had in me to just keep walking. I probably would have let myself buy one Valentine-themed baking item, except that I might already have four varieties of Valentine sprinkles at home.

All cute little heart-shaped pans! And sprinkles! And cupcake liners!

3. I just looked back at my marathon training from last spring, and realized I didn't tackle my first 16 mile run until mid-February. And this go-round I've already run a 16+miler. And now I feel like super-woman because I'm four weeks ahead of where I was last year. That's gotta be a good sign, right?

4. I made one new year's resolution this year - to actually read my books for book club. We had our first meeting of 2012 tonight. Did I read the book? Oh, about 40% of it. Did I still have fun chatting and devouring chips & salsa at the local Mexican joint? Oh yea. Thanks to my book club peeps who still welcome me when I have nothing to add to the intellectual conversation.

5. This weekend I am going to my first ever professional basketball game - Da Bulls. I am excited. I might be even more excited for the fact that I will also get to do some shopping at Williams-Sonoma for which I have a Christmas gift card to spend. Oh yes, and a stop at Trader Joe's as well.

6. My favorite pizza place in the Bean Town closed. This is not something I'm lovin'. BUT!! I pretty successfully recreated my favorite pizza from there this weekend. Fresh garlic, spinach, broccoli, red pepper, ricotta, and mozzarella on a chewy, garlicky crust. My Business Man & I pretty much devoured the whole thing.

Gotta get into bed soon... meeting a friend for some mile repeats in the wee hours of the morning!

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Alissa said...

Who are da bulls playing? It is funny to me that you left that part out! Hope you have a great weekend! I am going to try to run 16 this weekend. We will see how that goes :)

Have Your Way said...

OO have fun this weekend!! I have been to one pro basketball game---the Cavs a few years ago and they lost. I was in nosebleed seats and it was a birthday present from a few friends! haha

I love sprinkles!! I just used some this past weekend when I made rice krispie treats with the kids I was babysitting. We used cookie cutters, cut out our shapes and then put sprinkles on them. Ta-da!! Cute work!!!

<3 Allie*

Talen said...

Oh dear, Timmy and I tried to get tickets for a Bulls game this season. He will be very jealous when I tell him you are going!

Running Girl said...

Hope your repeat run is fab! We've been out of school all week (snow), so the kids have been giddy - snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, hot chocolate, you name it. said...

Oh you high schoolers teachers, I am so jealous of your block schedules! I teach kindergarten and it is always something new I have to come up with. At least I don't have to do much grading like I am sure you do! :)

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