Friday, January 27, 2012

A Rookie Mistake

I committed a rookie mistake today... I wore my new shoes on a long run.

Even my Business Man told me, "You probably shouldn't do that! Don't you  need to break them in on a short, easy run first?"

I scoffed at him, and confessed that my desire to run in the new shoes definitely outweighed my risk of ending up with blisters all over my feet.

The new kicks.
Fortunately, my feet held up just fine! 17 miles, done and done. I'm pretty sure that after 7 years, the Mizuno Wave Creation can do me no wrong.

Came home, planted myself on the couch, and got cozy with some tomato soup and grilled cheese. And a side of salt (in the form of pickles & olives). Guess I lost a lot of sweat on the run.

My Business Man and I just finished watching the movie Courageous - great movie!  A little corny at times, a little intense at times, but a wonderful message. And now I'm off to find a little sweet treat to satisfy my sweet tooth... have a great weekend everyone!


Have Your Way said...

Your shoes are SUPER cute!!!! My new shoes I am wearing right now are pink as well :)

YUM I LOVE grilled cheese and Tomato soup. Its my fave comfort food :)

Courageous is a great movie. I def thought it was kinda corny, but it does have a great message. Have you ever see Fireproof? Or Facing the Giants?


Catherine said...

Yep, that was our evaluation of Courageous, too. :)

Ali Mc said...

I have my long run tomorrow and so desperately want to wear my new shoes....I think I'll chance it. I love yours are they the wave rider 15?!?!?!??! love em!

Jess said...

Long runs are a great way to break in new shoes! Love the pink! And whew! 17 miles! That is a serious long run... you're rocking your training girl! :)

Running Girl said...

Cute shoes! And, amazing run. I was so proud of my 4 miles today, and look at you! :-)

Sara said...

Thanks for the compliments on the shoes ladies!

Ali Mc, they are the Wave Creation 13.

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