Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Break!

Ahhh.... Christmas break has begun. How wonderful. 

I took advantage of the break to get in a long run this morning. (I am most likely going to run another full this spring, so I'm trying to keep my base pretty strong.)

One of my running friends needed to get in 20 this weekend (she's running Disney!), and I agreed to run 14-15 miles with her. Except we wouldn't be in town this weekend, so that meant we had to do it today. And she had to work at 8:30am. 

14.5 miles in, thank you very much. Haven't run that far since last spring!
So yes, I got up at 5:15am on Christmas break to get a run in. It's not that crazy considering she had to wake up at 4:00am to get the first five miles in! Yikes! We had a great run... I might actually be looking forward to my marathon training long runs now that I have people to run them with!

In other news, the past couple days have been such a whirlwind! We've been very busy with a few holiday parties, last-minute gift shopping, wrapping, and baking. 

I don't know how people who work right up until Christmas day get everything done. I pretty much rely on my 1-2 days off before Christmas to get the bulk of my errands run, gifts wrapped, etc.

Now we're all packed up and headed home to spend Christmas with our families! So excited to spend a few days enjoying each other's company and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Oh, and eat lots of cookies, yum.

Merry Christmas!


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