Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Blizzard Thursday

Sigh. It is Thursday, and I have no pumpkin recipe. It's been a very long week at school, and it completely slipped my mind. 

After an impromptu 11-mile treadmill run (what?! love those runs!), I spent the evening tidying up and cleaning our house with my Business Man's help. Now, why would we clean on a random Thursday night? We're having visitors this weekend!

My mom & dad are coming out to the Bean Town to visit. And I'm very excited. On Saturday, my mom & I are planning a 'Girls Day Out', including Christmas shopping and other fun activities. Just what I need. While the boys stay home and work on the house, haha.

So, in an effort to post something pumpkin-y today, I had the genius idea to go to Dairy Queen for pumpkin pie blizzards. (When do I ever not want to go to DQ?) And, I have to get my fix in because they close November 18 for the season.

So, I drove all the way to the DQ that is across town (because the one nearest to us already closed for the season) and ordered a pumpkin pie blizzard. Only to find out that they have run out of the pie crust pieces they use in the pumpkin pie blizzards. "Do you still want one without?" the nice server asked.

"Hmmm..." thought the girl who always orders her blizzards with extra pie crust. Probably not. Except my #2 blizzard choice is french silk pie... which has pie crust pieces, too! Something about those buttery shortbread pie pieces.

Pumpkin pie, you are so good. Hopefully we will be reunited soon.
So, I ended up with an Oreo-cookie dough blizzard. While it was certainly delicious, it wasn't the magical pumpkin pie. So I hope they get more pie crust pieces in before they close in 2 weeks! I'll definitely call before I go next time.

Tonight's Oreo-cookie dough concoction.

And this, my friends, is probably why my most searched term to get to my blog is "dairy queen" or "dq blizzard". A whole blog post dedicated basically to soft serve? Yes, I am a blizzard-a-holic.

Question: What's your favorite blizzard? (I'm sure I've asked this before, haha...)


Alissa said...

You can make your own pumpkin pie blizzard :) vanilla ice cream, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg (ginger and cloves if you want) - throw it in a blender, crush up some vanilla wafers and you are good to go! I do not even remember what type of blizzards exist (tragic, I know). Any type with brownies, I will take!

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