Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The best thing about leftover turkey...

...is Thanksgiving sandwiches. Yes, it might seem weird that I'm talking about using up leftover turkey when the real Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet. 

However, typically I never have any leftover turkey. One of the downfalls of traveling for the holiday. So this is a first! We've got loads of turkey. (I'm definitely going to be freezing some so I can make some easy dinners during the month of December.)

Have you ever seen the episode of Friends - The One with Ross's Sandwich? Ross took a turkey sandwich to work... and someone ate it. But it wasn't just any turkey sandwich. It was a Thanksgiving leftover turkey sandwich. Specially made by Monica. With a moist-maker -a gravy-soaked slice of bread in the middle. 

If you haven't seen this episode, you must ASAP. Here's a link to a clip of Ross's hysteria: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrnCsrjysxI . In fact, it might be a good idea to go and watch all the Thanksgiving episodes from each season of Friends. (Not that I've ever done that right before Thanksgiving.)

Anyways, my version of a Thanksgiving sandwich does not have a moist-maker, but it's pretty darn good. Layers of ciabatta bread, cranberry sauce, roast turkey, caramelized onions, and lots of gouda cheese. Toasted to perfection. So yum.

Can you follow the arrows?
And yes, we still have the red-neck panini maker going on here. It works quite well!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. ;-)
In other news, I am off school for a 5-day weekend! And so excited for it. Tomorrow afternoon we are trekking across a few states to visit my Business Man's fam up in northern IL and then we'll head south to spend Thanksgiving with mine on Thursday. I'm so excited to spend time with our loved ones. And perhaps do some Christmas shopping with mi madre.

I can't wait! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


Alissa said...

You need to make turkey pizza - either Thanksgiving pizza or BBQ turkey pizza. Just sayin'

theAlmostRunner said...

Are you KIDDING ME?! That sandwich is the sandwich of my dreams. Oh, man. I saw your comment on my blog... I DID go to Olivet! It was already freeeezing when we went up there, but it's nice and warm here in Tennessee still! Have a great Thanksgiving, girl!

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