Monday, November 7, 2011

The [Almost] 10km

So yesterday, I mentioned that I raced a 10km. It was the first annual Kewpee 10km, held by the Bean Town YMCA. The race was held in the afternoon - and the weather was beautiful. 60s & sunny, but quite a bit of wind. 

Ready, set, GO!
Since the race was in its first year, it was not organized very well. No one really knew exactly what time it started (some time between 2 & 2:30.) The map was nearly impossible to decipher, and I even live in the neighborhood that the race ran through. I can't imagine if I'd have driven from out of town to run it! I wouldn't have had a clue. 

There was a loop that we were supposed to run through the park that was particularly confusing. (Everyone kept saying "just follow the people in front of you.")

A beautiful day outside.
However, in a super small race, there isn't always somebody in front of you! After the first two miles, I was the lead female, and third overall in the race. I bet you can see where this is going. I went to do my loop in the park, got confused, and ran the wrong way. 

There wasn't anybody in the park directing people where to go. I asked some random Sunday afternoon park goers where the two guys ahead of me had gone, and they pointed two different directions. (Each of the guys in front of me had gone a different way.)

So I ran the wrong way, did a different little loopty-loop, and got myself back on the course. However, I ended up cutting off some mileage in the process. Whoops.

I finished up the last 2.5 miles of the race, knowing I had messed up. Finishing a race where you know you cut the course is very disheartening! I almost wanted to drop out. But that would be silly. I know that I slowed down in the last couple miles. I finished in 41:34, and was 1st female and 3rd overall. 

Running towards the finish.
I talked to the race director about the course and what happened, and I decided to forgo any prizes. I felt too guilty!

Once I got home, I mapped the course that I actually ran, and it ended up being 6.15 miles. So I was only 0.05 miles short. Heh. So my official pace was 6:45 average. I'll just consider it an extra speedy tempo run. ;-)

Lesson learned - study the map and ask questions if you're confused! And don't get too shaken up over itty bitty races; they're mostly for fun.

Question: Have you ever run the wrong way in a race before?

In addition to yesterday's race, I ran the wrong way in a 5km last fall. I added on about 0.3 miles to the course. Whoops.

In high school, there was a cross country meet where myself and a team mate ran the wrong way, and ended up flying down a rocky ravine. (It was a trail race.) That was real fun. I was crying legitimate tears during that race... I was so scared of falling down that hill.


Talen said...

At a Fresh/Soph race in h.s. I was actually in first until I took a wrong turn, they told me after only like 5seconds, but the other girl was right behind me. I ended up getting 5th. :( My coach also proceeded to call me "Wrong-Way Gerber" the rest of the season. You have probably heard this story though. Good job anyways on the race!

Rachel said...

I've never ran the wrong way in a 5km since I'm always in the waaaay back, but on my mom's very first 5k, the volunteers directed her and a few others in the wrong directions so they ended up running extra! Leave it to Lima races, I guess! :)

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