Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tastefully Simple

Okay guys... tonight's post is a bit out of the norm. No recipes, no running. (Although I did rock out a 5-mile tempo run this afternoon. Just sayin'. 12 more days until my half-marathon!)

Have you ever heard of Tastefully Simple? It's a direct sales company that offers delicious, convenient, easy-to-prepare food products. Soups, breads, dressings, dips, they have it all. And it's good.

This Thursday night, I'm having a Tastefully Simple party, where all the party attendees get to sample all the different food items. And of course socialize and hang out. 

We will be trying beer bread.

And spinach-artichoke dip.

And chocolate pound cake.

And what I'm most excited about... bold buffalo bleu cheese dip. Yum.

And of course we are trying about 8 other things as well, those are just what I'm looking forward to the most.

So here's where you come in to play! If you like Tastefully Simple products, I would be so excited if you ordered something. I have tried a lot of their stuff, and has all been fantastic. And super easy to pull together. I love to have soup mixes on hand (especially in the cold winter months) for extremely busy nights. Cheaper and healthier than take-out!

So, if you want to order something, visit www.tastefullysimple.com/web/korchard . Just make sure that you indicate Kristi Orchard as your consultant, and Sara Anderson as the host! You can have your products shipped directly to you. (And no sales tax! Woo hoo.)

And if you don't want anything, no big deal! I'll be back with my regular nonsense later this week. :-)

All photos taken from www.tastefullysimple.com


Have Your Way said...

That stuff looks amazing!!!

Too bad I dont have really any money at this moment so that I can order something from you :( or else I would

Jessica @ rerunrunning said...

Those soups look really good... I think I've really been in the soup mood lately... in fact, I was going to make your enchilada soup tonight, but I was so busy and overwhelmed Jason just did chicken noodle... hopefully I can do it tomorrow night!

Hope the party goes really well!!

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