Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hip Strengthening...

I'm not much of a strength training person. Okay, I'm not a strength training person at all. The last time I've lifted any sort of weights was back in college when we had a 2-day-a-week 'program' that I never really did. (Sorry, coach.)

I've tried to get myself into ab routines, but they always fall by the wayside. Why would I spend 10 minutes doing abs when I could be out running an extra mile?

However, several weeks ago, my right knee started to bother me. Quite a bit. Not so bad that I couldn't run on it, but bad enough to make me want to do something about it. My first solution was to get new shoes. (I'd been in my previous pair for well over 500 miles. When will I ever learn?)

Well, that has helped some, but I've decided to try to fix the problem that's causing my knee to hurt. Apparently, a lot of knee pain stems from weak hips. Women are especially prone to weak hips, and it causes your running form to break down, which in turn causes extra stress on your knees.

Since the half, my mission has been to strengthen my hips. I found an article over at Runner's World that has some great exercises. Now that I think about it, I remember getting a list of exercises very similar back in college when I struggled with knee problems.

So, if you think you have weak hips, you might give these a try!

Keep in mind, I am no sports medicine professional... this is just what I'm doing to help myself get stronger. And I'm sure I look pretty ridiculous in these pics, as I've never been one to instruct others in ways of athleticism.

1. Leg Raises

Aren't you jealous of our super stylin' wolf blanket? It most definitely belonged to my Business Man when he was a kid. He claims he had an entire wolf-themed bedroom. Oh, if I'd only known him back then...
And yes, I am making up the titles of these. You sit on your tush and lift your leg straight up, about 6 inches off the ground. Keep your leg straight. Repeat fifty times on each leg. (I do sets of 10, and then switch, and so on.)

2. Side Leg Raises

This one reminds me of those 80s exercise videos. You lay on your side and lift your leg slowly up, about 2 feet off the ground. Again, keep your leg straight, and go slow. It looks super-easy, but it will start to burn, trust me. Do fifty on each leg. I break these into sets of 30-10-10. After this gets too easy you're supposed to strap on ankle weights. Heh, like that's gonna happen.

3. Planks

Oh, the planks. Front, side, back, the other side, and front again.

I'm starting with 30 seconds for each. 

But I want to work up to a minute.

It's easier when you have TV to watch.

4. Bridges

 These are pretty fun, actually. You lay on your back and lift up your tush so your body is making a straight line. Then pull up one of your feet and rest it on your knee. Hold for 10 seconds, and switch to the other side. Do this five times.

And there you have it!

Hopefully these will help alleviate my knee pain. Or give me a 6-pack. Although I'm pretty sure my two and a half minutes of planks a day will not give me a 6-pack. Mainly because I won't give up DQ blizzards. :)

Also, I found this Nike ad on facebook about running and thought it was very true... so I'm spreading the love.


Alissa said...

I do believe that you have re-invented CIRCUIT lol

Have Your Way said...

So reminds me of some of the strength conditioning I did in gymnastics. I may have to do this stuff again!!

Sara said...

@Alissa - HAHA! You are so right. At least I'm doing it now??

@Have your way - go for it!

Have Your Way said...

Sara!! I totally just did it and I thought my hips were gonna fall off!! Im sure I will feel it in my hips tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Kettle Bell has a 4 min plank at the end...just sayin. :) Miss running with you. -Jen C.

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