Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Friends' Weekend 2011

So this weekend was a busy one! Super-fun, too.

My Business Man is really tight with his friends from college, and every few months they have a friends' reunion, at someone's house or a more exotic location. (In May, we went to South Carolina.)

It was our turn to host, so we had to whole crew out to the Bean Town!

The weekend was full of fun activities - board games, corn mazes, cake-pop making, running, bonfires, s'mores eating, and just plain old hanging out.

A few friends had expressed an interest in learning how to make cake pops, so Saturday morning we had an official Cake Pops 101 class.

Crumbling up the cake.
Party rainbow chip was the flavor of the day.

Fun was had by all. (I think.)

Wrapping up the goods.

The decorating skills were definitely top notch work.

Whitny and her blondie cake pop.
After coming down off our sugar highs, we headed out to partake in a classic Midwest fall pastime, the corn maze.

Suter's Corn Maze was only about 25 minutes from the Bean Town and loads of fun. Each year, their corn maze has a different theme. This year's was "American Indians."

We zigged and zagged through the corn and learned all sorts of interesting trivia about American Indians, and collecting various stamps at each of the checkpoints along the way.

After we made our way through, we spent some time exploring the other activities located at Suter's. And picked up some apple cider! Yum.

Adam & Sarah seeing how they measure up.
My Business Man shooting a corn cob rocket.
We capped the night off with a bonfire on the patio. Surprisingly, it wasn't too chilly. (I get super-cold super-easily and was paranoid that I would freeze my butt off.)

Ghost stories were shared, along with lots of reminiscing the college days. (I always learn new things about my Business Man at these friends' weekends, since we didn't go to college together!)

S'more with a JUMBO MALLOW! So good.

And of course the night wouldn't be complete without s'mores! Delicious.

Action shot! 
All in all, a great weekend spent with friends! Too bad they always go so quickly. Can't wait for the next one!


Have Your Way said...

So glad you had a great weekend!!!

A few weekends ago I went to a hayride and we made smores. I made one with the HUGE campfire marshmallows and let me just say that I needed a wet nap to help clean me up afterwards haha

aevansb said...

Wes' hand is creepin' in that last pic.

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