Monday, September 19, 2011

You know it's a good day when...

...when you're bored on a Monday night and one of your BFF's calls you up asking if you want to go to Pete's ice cream.

Um... do I ever not want to go to Pete's ice cream?

Oh, how I will miss seeing this glowing sign during the winter months.

And so sad, they are closing in 11 days "for the season." And then the Dairy King and Dairy Queen's will soon follow. And we will go through the deep dark months of November, December, January, and February with no ice cream. Well, besides ice cream from the freezer case.

That would be an Oreo-Cookie Dough avalanche with chocolate ice cream. So. Good.
Since it was a bit rainy we got our ice cream to go and ate at our place. So great to catch up after a busy last couple weeks.

And now it's time for a Weekly Rundown!

YAY running!
Last week was a 'cut-back' week in training, since I'd had three 50+ mile weeks in a row. Plus I wanted to be rested for the 10km race on Saturday!

I planned on getting a 10-mile long run in, but that didn't really happen. But I got 8.5 in on Saturday so that's good enough! 

Weekly Rundown (September 12-18, 2011)
Goals: 40-45 miles, 10-mile long run, 10km race

Monday: 6.4 miles easy (7:50 avg)
Tuesday: 6.6 miles easy (7:44 avg)
Wednesday: am - 6.1 miles, hills (8:14 avg)
                          pm - 3.5 miles w/ XC (8:59 avg)
Thursday: Off
Friday: 6.5 miles easy (7:54 avg)
Saturday: 10km race - 40:53 (6:35 avg); 8.6 miles total
Sunday: 6.2 miles recovery (8:11 avg)
Total: 43.9 miles

Next week's goals:
  • 45-50 miles
  • 14-15 mile long run
  • 4-5x1-mile repeats @ 6:30 w/ 1/2 mile jog recovery 


Jessica @ rerunrunning said...

How sad that your ice cream places all close there!!! U can't even imagine! Ours definitely stay open all year long and I've never lived anywhere that the shut down for the winter... I'm sure I would cry. If you need some emergency ice cream love, you just come visit me this winter and we will hook you up!!
GreT job on your 10k and your schedule for this week looks great! Wish I could run those mile repeats with you! I LOVE mile repeats!!! :)

Sara said...

@Jessica - I know! It really is. I think it's because it gets so cold & snowy they don't get enough business.

I definitely read this right before I went out to do my mile repeats and I can't imagine how you love them! Today's were rough. But I pushed through!

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