Saturday, September 17, 2011


This afternoon my Business Man and I packed up our bags and are headed west to make the 6-hour trek home. We didn’t quite leave the Bean Town at the time we originally intended, so it’s gonna be a late night. (I’m currently typing this in the car in Microsoft Word. If only we had such fancy things as iPads or wireless cards... sigh.)

Road trips are pretty fun… this one has been especially so. My Business Man was gone on a business trip pretty much all of last week so we’ve had some forced QT here in the car. Nothing says “I love you” like belting your guts out to Lady Gaga together. Not that we know her songs by heart or anything.

Anyways, we decided to drive a ways before trying to stop for dinner. Ya know, to break up the drive. I got to drive first which meant I got to pick where we stopped. So, I’m thinking it needs to be semi-healthy, since I’m racing a 10km tomorrow morning, bright & early. So we found a Quizno’s and I was very excited! Love Quizno’s!

yay Quizno's!

Except this silly Quizno’s closed at 7pm. And it was 7:12pm. What kind of restaurant closes at 7pm? On a Friday night?

So back on the road we were. And I was still driving. It started getting dark. The hungry monster was coming out in me. And we fell prey to one of my favorite restaurants ever… but probably not the best one to eat the night before a race… Culver’s. Oh the crinkle cut fries, butterburgers, and frozen custard. So good in my belly.

Funny story - my Business Man didn't intend to be facing the camera in either of these pics... he just happened to turn around with a smile the second I snapped the photo. weird.

I decided to compromise – I could get the buffalo chicken strips as long as I got a side salad instead of fries. (Only one fried things versus two? I know, my logic makes no sense. And buffalo-flavored? really?)

And 2 sides of ranch, don't forget that.

And you bet I made sure my Business Man ordered fries before I made this compromise with myself. Heh. He might have been forced to share.

So I’m really excited to see how this works as a pre-race meal. Can’t be any worse than the night I had buffalo wings, right? Right. Because that was super pleasant.

Oh, and you bet I had some frozen custard, too. That stuff is too good to pass up. Why is there no Culver’s in the Bean Town?

LOVE frozen custard!

Oh, and P.S. It’s starting to get cold. Already. I had to wear my tights this morning on my run. Waaahhh.

Really? Tights in September?

Wish me luck tomorrow. Or at least pray for my digestive tract.


Alissa said...

It was 91 here yesterday. This morning, I got while it was dark and it 78 out. Bring on the tights weather! It seems to be the weekend for 10ks (you, Alex Jackson, Mitch S.) Oh wait, is Mitch running the Pumpkin 10k? Good luck. (or as some people say) sweet dreams :)

Sara said...

Hahaha, sweet dreams! Yes! Mitch did run it! I saw him and we talked a bit before the race. It was perfect running weather - 50 degrees, little to no wind. The tights thing must have just been a one-day thing. It didn't help that it was 5:30am either.

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