Thursday, September 1, 2011

Non-runs & cookies make for a great afternoon

Man, oh man. The first full week back to school is definitely an adjustment.

I was exhausted this morning and it's only Thursday. I managed to re-set my alarm so that there was no time for running. "No problem... I'll run after school," I told myself. Which really is not a problem - I do end up running in the afternoons a lot.

However, this week has just about done me in. Not only has it been the first full week of school, but I've started helping with cross country on Monday & Wednesday afternoons. Which means 2-a-days. I got in 26 miles in three days. And didn't even do a long run. :-o

So about today's run. Typically, running calms me down after a day filled with squirrel-y teenagers and their complaining excitement at everything we do in geometry class. Today, though, it just wasn't happening. I even had my bag packed for the gym and everything. (Because all of a sudden it's like 95*F again. What the junk?! It's September!)

Like my classy gym bag? Heh.

I drove straight home when the bell rang... well 15 minutes after. Can't beat the kids out of the parking lot. ;-) And then I face-planted straight into bed. After a nice long nap and some time browsing recipes online (still in bed), I was as good as new.

If only I could have been cuddling with this fur-ball.
And then, I got busy in the kitchen. My Business Man walked in around 6:00 wondering what's for dinner. I said, "cookies....??" Heh.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Sometimes cookies for dinner are exactly what you need. 

(Just so you know, we also had Chicken Wraps... but made completely out of leftovers. No real cooking was done in this household tonight.)


Jessica @ rerunrunning said...

I love your blog! And you are just too cute! I can't believe you made so many cupcakes for your own wedding! That is so impressive. I'm super stoked you found us so that we could find you! Looking forward to learning all sorts of fun things about you and Bean Town!

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